5 styles of spectacular pools


Pools are some of the highlights of Minka Houses

Just as no two Minka Houses are the same, neither is there any identical pool. In the following post we have taken a dip in the pools of the different Minka Houses and we have selected 5 styles representing the unlimited creativity of the Jeev Architecture studio, founder of Minka Houses.



1. The hanging pool

Unprecedented originality. This house , located in a residential area on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​stands out for its hanging structure on a downward terrain that was a challenge for Minka Houses.


Minka hanging pool


The architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velazquez saw an opportunity and designed a house where even the pool hangs and stands on pillars that raise the whole house to the fabulous views of the natural park Collserola. In addition, the house stands out for its monochromatic white tone that contrasts with the green of the area.



Minka hanging pool


The result is an oasis of tranquility that plays with perspectives on three levels, so that the pool is visible from almost every point of the house.



MInka hanging pool



2. Interior and exterior melting

Another resource used by the architect is the fusion of interior and exterior spaces through spectacular pools . A design that amplifies the feeling of depth and gives a unique aesthetic value. In addition, the vertical distribution leaves more space for the garden and outdoor furniture , which gives rise to a versatile area for all kinds of leisure and relaxation activities.


Minka indoor pool



Minka indoor pool



3. Floating walkway


Another possibility is to locate the pool perpendicular to the house . In this case , you do not get to break into space, but it is right on the edge of the house, causing a catwalk effect that invites you to enter the home.

Floating bridge Minka

It is an ideal resource to maximize space, especially in low-rise houses with large garden extension.

Floating bridge Minka

4. Straight angle

The L-shaped pools are cozy and practical, giving a sense of unity to the house. They are ideal for more square terraces and allow connecting the pool with the different rooms of the house and make it more visible from different points.

Swimming pool L Minka

Its structure at right angles, leaves room for the garden to its surroundings and reinforces the connection and harmony between the different rooms of the house .

Pool L Minka

5. Total opening

The last dip we have reserved for the next open swimming pool that takes full advantage of the wide expanse of garden. In the case of a single-family house   On one level , the large swimming pool placed in the middle of the garden, a few meters from the house, symbolizes an oasis of tranquility and highlights the green of the garden. Unlike the previous example, this project seeks to separate the pool from the house so that both have their protagonism.

Open swimming pool Minka

Which one do you prefer?

If your dream is to build a single-family house with pool, Minka Houses can help you make it happen in an average of 6 months.

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