Special Valentine: details to surprise with a romantic dinner

Valentine 's Day is just around the corner, although the date has its fans and detractors, from the Houses Minka blog seems a great idea to surprise that special someone for a romantic dinner with great detail excuse. Without further delay, we propose a foolproof way to spend an original romantic evening in a relaxed atmosphere where prime taste good, both the menu and the decor of the dining plan. To do this, we have inspired by Japanese minimalist luxury, for its romantic scenery and fine cuisine. Are you ready / a? notes and surprise your partner.



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Create an itinerary in your home

To ensure that the surprise factor will be present from the beginning of the evening, we propose to design an itinerary to guide your guest / a special from the moment you walk through the door. A good element to introduce Japanese theme are the flowers. To add a touch of originality, replace red roses or carnations "Sakura" pink flowers we see in the Japanese landscapes. We place them strategically from the entrance to the dining room, around the hall with minimalist candles. If you do not have a long hallway, you can play with a screen of contemporary inspiration and lengthen the mystery.




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If further accounts with a transparent gateway as this Minka, the options multiply and creativity is served:

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The first cup

On reaching the room, surprise your guest / a with a glass of white wine (or green tea) at a table at ground level and accompanies Japanese-inspired greeted with chillout music. The wood is presented as the allied materials to recreate the oriental warm and inspiring evening. Before welcoming your partner, do not forget to prepare the dimly lit bathroom and a bathtub with rose petals.

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It's time to show off your culinary skills by offering a healthy, fun and, above all, with style dinner. Several Japanese dishes prepared with seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and good wine.

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Discover the pleasure of eating sitting on cushions, the feel of wood and enjoy the food in a relaxed position. No doubt you will leave without words.

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And finally, why not try a delicious green tea cheesecake?

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If you liked Japanese aesthetics, you can choose to decorate your bedroom with minimalist accessories Japanese inspiration, playing with a bicolor decoration, combining dark wood with bright colors like fuchsia or red, and adding natural elements like flowers or bamboos that break with the geometry of the room.

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