The famous designer chairs, perfect for modern homes

Today, the decoration of houses and modern apartments is a fundamental aspect regarding decisions surrounding everything that has to do with housing. Normally, they are the owners who are interested in decoration and interior design of their homes. Although you may are also advised by professionals decoration sector inform them of the latest trends in interior design. Minka both Houses   as in the other buildings, the decor is a reflection of its inhabitants, hence the care that must be taken into account in choosing everything about the house follows.


Inside the decor, furniture plays a basic and fundamental role and, specifically, the chairs, which are used every day, are an indispensable part of our home. Therefore, how inspiration when purchasing furniture for the house? Use a decoration latest trend it does not have to mean it modern. You can purchase great classics of home decor that will bring a touch of sophistication and style, with great functionality.


Then we will highlight some of the best designs of chairs scattered throughout the history of design. This is furniture with personality that can inspire more than one for decoration, both in design and houses more conventional homes. Some of the designer chairs more recognition worldwide are discussed below.


Oirschot chair, Michael Thonet. The rustic maximum trend

This chair (made since 1849), the purest rustic country style fits perfectly with the current trends in decor, both indoors and outdoors. Its designer, Michael Thonet, not only created this chair, but also invented new ways of working wood that would give fame and recognition in the world of design. Knew how to work and shape the wood with new techniques that enable began creating furniture from 1900, far different. Perhaps one of the reasons for his fame is the simplicity that characterizes it, making it one of the most elegant chairs on the market. Also, it is comfortable and functional, allowing both the furniture part household or office. Their finishes are made with materials such as walnut, which gives quality and class. The design of the chair Oirschot, with name of a Dutch village, still a fantastic piece of furniture a century and a half after its creation.





CH24 Wishbone Chair Hans J. Wegner. Simplicity and comfort in a single chair

When Danish cabinetmaker designed this fantastic chair, probably he did not think that, over the years, its creation would be among the lists of the best designs of chairs in history. This is one of the first designs Wegner and since he built the first in 1949, its production has remained constant. Despite the simplicity of its lines, it is a complex design of more than 100 steps to build it. Only for the seat, it takes about 120 meters of rope paper. Its main material is wood, which consists virtually the entire structure, making it robust and stable, though also acquires a fairly light appearance. One of the premises used by manufacturers of these chairs is the choice of materials to be used to meet a number of requirements: strength and physical durability, beauty, sustainability and safety standards, etc. This piece combines very well with their own furniture materials like wood, as well as with straight lines and light. It is a perfect chair for indoor such as the living room or dining room.



Tulip chair Eero Saarinen. Innovation to put some order

The design of this piece of modernist style is widely used both in decorating homes and offices. One of the keys to the success of this chair is that, when it was designed, it turned out to be the first chair in having only one leg. With this, the designer Eero Saarinen wanted to bring some order to the agglomeration of chair legs and legs that is usually below the tables. This innovation, which was presented in 1950, partly changed the course of interior design and is a true reflection of the ability of its author, Eero Saarinen, mixing materials and colors. It consists of a curved backrest, a fixed or swivel seat and a cushion on the seat. The curved style of the chair is a hallmark of its author, who was an architect and he used this way finishes many of its buildings. Besides being beautiful and functional, the Tulip chair is very comfortable because its shape is ideal for our back. Its success is recognized worldwide and the proof is that its creator was granted several awards such as the Design Career Stuttgart Award in Germany during 1962 or at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York in 1969.



DSW Chair, Charles Eames. A chair with style, combining two materials

This fantastic combination of two materials, plastic and wood in one piece, is a lesson in design with a sublime result. It is a comfortable and functional chair, fabulous to be part of a living room or an office. We talked about the first plastic chair that was obtained through an industrial manufacturing. This beautiful chair that provides air to furniture design, was a creation of architect and designer Charles Eames Ray Eames, being among the most important American designers of the last century. Its popularity is due not only to furniture design, but also to industrial design, photography and innovation in architecture. With the intelligent design of the DSW chair, the creators managed to take advantage of the materials used for its construction, getting some of the main features of the chair, for example, malleability and pleasant feel, while being manufactured from suitable materials. Its curved back allows the user to have a comfortable posture when sitting. In addition to providing convenience, you can manage to get that touch of sophistication you want in your home thanks to its design.

Acapulco chair, anonymously. Comfort and original for the summer

This chair could appear as synonymous with summer or terrace. There are many features that make this chair no author, one of the summer pleasures. Thanks to its range of vibrant colors, can be combined with other furniture. Being one of the most recommended outdoor options, it presents a particularly resistant materials. His inspired by some chairs Mexico, design came to light around the 50s and caused real anger among the American people. Thanks to its support of rope interlaced by hand, the user can enjoy a comfortable rest. And with the backup is done with ropes, a play of shadows and lines in the very curious and picturesque ground that can provide the terrace of a trace of originality is created. Definitely a perfect for those who want a touch of color, joy and comfort to your home in summer choice. Although there is no known author who created it can certainly be proud of this design it has been so successful in different parts of the world and is used by many people to rest on the terraces or on the outside of the houses together a special so innovative and comfortable furnishings.

No doubt there are a variety of famous chair designs that have been created over time, this is just a sample of some of the most famous. This compilation of chairs brings together some of the most important features to form the furniture of a home or office. Some of these features are the design, comfort and the latest trends in decorating spaces.

From Minka Houses we are dedicated to build an innovative modern houses. The chairs have emphasized above, they were also innovative in its day, achieving great success over the years. The mix of innovation, modernity and customization can be very helpful, especially for the user, who after all is who will end up using innovative designs in their day to day. The house has incorporated some of these chairs to your furniture, you will not only very good quality products, but also part of the history of furniture design that will give a very high quality.

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