The latest in gardens to celebrate the arrival of spring


The streets already give off the scent of spring and the flowers of the garden corroborate the arrival of the greenest season of the year. A perfect excuse to set the garden and start enjoying outdoor evenings with family and friends, without even leaving the house. This spring comes with new proposals for outdoor decoration that you can apply to your home.




Natural materials


The intense green of the lawn blends in perfectly with the warm touch of wood. And is that natural materials are the order of the day. This house of Minka Houses , built with solid wood structure contralaminada , incorporates the star material also in part of the exterior facade, showing a nice contrast with the garden and the swimming pool.



Minka house garden Photo: Minka Houses



Apart from its aesthetic beauty and sustainable qualities, the wood offers a warmth and a texture that do not possess other materials. What better than to leave the pool and feel the contact of bare feet with wood?


Jardin Minka Photo Minka Houses


Just as the interior of the home is an area of ​​peace, privacy and comfort, the garden should reinforce this idea, because the contact with nature and green tones convey a sense of well-being and positivism. In addition to caring for the plants and arranging the lawn, you can incorporate elements of Zen philosophy, which help create a relaxing atmosphere. This garden of Jeev Architecture combines wild vegetation with white furniture and adds the spiritual touch with a buddha and a path of stones that induce to full consciousness.

Jardin MinkaMinka Gardens

Photos: Jeev Architecture

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture should be comfortable, light and in keeping with the style of the house. In this case, we opt for low-rise furniture, with a cozy L-shaped layout, which respects the perspective of the garden, with unbeatable views. Once again the natural footprint is perceived, with warm tones and original columns of asymmetrical arrangement, reminiscent of bamboo branches, detail of the study Jeev Arquitectura, creator of Minka Houses .

Minka terraces Photo: Jeev Architecture

Interior Gardens

The organic trend is so booming that gardens have ceased to be exclusively exterior. This Jeev Arquitectura project incorporates an interior garden on the ground floor of a single family house to bring luminosity and freshness to the home. Climbing plants adorn the diaphanous space that unites the dining room with the kitchen and reaches the upper floor, thanks to the set of volumes that unites the two rooms, maximizing natural light.

Interior garden Minka Photo: Jeev Architecture

Lighting for gardens

With the arrival of good weather, the gardens invite you to enjoy warm evenings outdoors. In these magical moments, lighting plays a key role, creating a cozy atmosphere and providing the necessary light to the best dinners and events. Led lights are an efficient and elegant solution that delivers excellent results. In its latest Minka Houses project, the architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez incorporates white leds at various levels, which highlight the pool area and respect the privacy of the house.

Outdoor lighting Minka houses Photo: Minka Houses

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