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Around 1,500 euros a kilo the select and exclusive snail caviar is quoted, also known as caviar or white, with poetic license, pearls of Aphrodite. We are faced with a product that plays with the concept of exclusivity of classic caviar, despite being very different. Diametrically different and not only by their color: while the common caviar is a pure explosion of sea salt, snail caviar is the ultimate expression of earthy, forest and fresh grass. A surprise for the palate that has already become a precious treasure delicatessen worthy only of the most cared tables.

Why so exclusive? Undoubtedly, its scarcity and difficulty of production are to blame. Surely surprised to learn that used snail (Helix aspersa) makes barely a hundred eggs, which are needed spawners about 250-300 animals, to make one kilogram of caviar. This species lays eggs only once or twice a year and, in addition, only 60% of individuals do. And if that were not enough, 80% die in the attempt. In short, white caviar is a product that is obtained after a lengthy "birth" both on the farm and in the laboratory.

snail caviar

Because that is another key. Not all are worth roe for caviar staircase. Only choose the whitest, beautiful and pure and discard those that present any nuance. Only the chosen can become a target quality caviar, after passing through a washing process and brine.

The result is a bright, white pearl caviar roe whose appearance and present a uniform size. A real delicacy to be eaten cold (about 5 ° C) and, as they say, is better as it is. That is, taken directly from a teaspoon of pearl and on toast. Roe, being larger than the classic sturgeon caviar, hatch in the mouth differently and cause other sensations: first, the salty brine; then the aromas of mountain, forest and land. Marida superbly with cava.


If you want to enjoy more development, do not let these wild miss nuances, grass, earth and mountains. Use with ingredients that do not mask their special characteristics. The best chefs in the world are introducing into their creations with care and great care and are marveling with the versatility of these pearls. The starting gun gave it Ferran Adrià, the great culinary researcher and possibly best chef in the world. He began experimenting with snail caviar and many great chefs are following in their wake. And surely this is the best way to enjoy this delicacy, the hand of the greatest experts.


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