5 ideas to renovate your house in autumn



We are back on vacation and welcome to September with new purposes and fresh ideas. This month of beginning presents a great opportunity to renovate your home and give you an innovative air with the new trends in interior design for autumn 2017 . Start the rentré with good foot and enjoy preparing your house for the next station with these 5 proposals:



1. Wallpapers

The stamped walls come back in small doses to give a touch of originality and warmth to rooms and living rooms. This trend of vintage air is an ideal option to renew an environment without the need for work or furniture changes. In the following example of the Jeev Architecture, creator of Minka Houses, a symmetrical pattern of pastel shades has been chosen, both for a youth room and for a guest room. The result does not leave indifferent.



painted paper



2. Changing lighting

The new season is accompanied by new shades of light, the days are shortened and the landscape is stained with warm colors that require a reinforcement in the illumination of the home. Autumn invites you to enjoy the interior stays, without leaving the garden or terrace completely. To do this, we will opt for oversize design lights in the living room or reading corner, which allow graduating light intensity and create cozy environments.






In rooms like the kitchen, the trend is reversed and gaining ground the pendant lamps of minimalist style that provide a touch elegant and delicate, while providing the lighting necessary for cooking.






3. Single-Color Kitchens


The monocolor kitchens are consolidated like trend of the modern houses. It stands out above all the white-black binomial that brings elegance and a sense of neatness to one of the most outstanding spaces of the home. The first example of Minka Houses is struck by its sobriety and style, which contrasts with the walls and white floor, as well as a glazed facade that illuminates the space.



monocolor kitchen


Instead, the second image shows a completely white interior that conveys a sense of peace and neatness. To avoid the monotony, we opted for the details of the wooden stools and an original maxi-size lamp, two very effective resources to provide originality monochromatic environments.



white kitchen



4. Autumn plants

A touch of green contributes to the harmony of the home and September is the perfect occasion to incorporate new plants. This season they are big and showy, with an exotic air for spacious stays or, alternatively, you can opt for absolute minimalism, with narrow bamboo branches housed in design pots of different shapes and sizes.



deco plants Photo: decoracioninteriores.net

indoor plants

Photo: pinterest.com


5. Exterior Opening

The autumn season allows you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces and, although temperatures tend to fall, you should not give up the light or the views of the garden. A good solution to combine both environments are the glazed halls that offer a peripheral vision of the exterior and allow to enjoy open spaces from the comfort of the warm interiors. As a complement, light-colored lamina curtains are recommended to adjust the intensity of light and preserve privacy.


exterior opening



outdoor natural light


Do you dare to give a new air to your house and you need a professional advice?

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