50 Best Restaurants in 2016

The list of top 50 restaurants in the world has been published. The classification does not usually leave almost no one indifferent and, in fact, reactions were not left waiting, once the news broke. Several chefs patriotic criticized. Among them, Dabiz Muñoz (Diverxo), who did not hesitate to describe the list as the "most spoiled scourge" of world cuisine. It's all "postureo," the husband of Cristina Pedroche said. How about?


But not all master chefs think the same way. Just look at the reaction of the Roca brothers, owners of the Celler de Can Roca, who did not hesitate to congratulate the best with a sportsmanship wanted for themselves and other chefs, athletes and politicians. "Congratulations!", wished to Massimo Bottura, responsible for the Italian Osteria Francescana.



Francescana Osteria: the best

This time the planet's best restaurant is located in Modena (Italy). This is the Osteria Francescana , of chef Massimo Bottura prestigious specialist contemporary food in the country that has made ​​the pasta its flag. He was chosen by a panel of more than 1,000 specialists in kitchen. Its success lies in the ability of the cook has proven to reinvent traditional recipes of the area. All with a boldness worthy of geniuses like Salvador Dalí, in the art world; or Ferran Adria, in the stove. One of its star creations is called "We are the revolution".




El Celler de Can Roca claimed to Spain

The second place went to El Celler de Can Roca , located in Girona. The Roca brothers fallen in love the world with their creations and have located the modern kitchen in the forefront. Simply check his resume consideration to understand that critics have for this restaurant: it has 3 Michelin stars, an achievement within reach of very few. By the way, only support table reservations to 11 months away. And, as you can imagine, they are exhausted.


Three Rocks, the three Roca, in the photographic vision of Albert Bertran. Three Rocks, the three Roca, in the photographic vision of Albert Bertran


Swiss and American mix: third

The podium of honor completes the Eleven Madison Park , the great Will Guidara; New Yorker; and Daniel Humm, Swiss (the youngest to win a Michelin star, by the way). His roast duck with lavender honey should be a compulsory dish at restaurants around the world. Possibly - not to say it is-is the best restaurant applauded and considered throughout New York. It was founded 18 years ago and since then grown steadily.


The New Yorker Will Guidara and Swiss Daniel Humm in a photo: Courtesy Photo The New Yorker Will Guidara and Swiss Daniel Humm in a photo: Courtesy Photo


Peru knocks down the door

The fourth place went to Virgilio Martinez and Leon Pia, who have placed Peru on the map of haute cuisine thanks to its incredible do in the Central . Lima offer a journey through the peruvian ecosystem, from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle. Typical dishes invite us to dive in and enjoy the fruits of the sea area but also of the wild goose and the andean yam, in addition to its "extreme stems".


Virgilio Martinez and Pious León in Central in a photo of LifestyleAsia Virgilio Martinez and Pious León in Central in a photo of LifestyleAsia


Leading to fifth

The Noma , located in Copenhagen, was once the world 's best restaurant. But you know: the critics seek constant speed. René Redzepi's and Benjamin Paul Ing proposals combine perfectly products originating mostly from the garden. They may sound simple, but the explosion left in the mouth denotes that the development process has been maturing for a long time. Behind her apples and lemon thyme, cabbage leaves and white currants and its new potato Danish, there are hours and hours of creative thinking in the kitchen.


Noma by Northfoto / Shutterstock.com Noma by Northfoto / Shutterstock.com



Two other Spaniards in the top 10

In addition the Celler de Can Roca, among the top 10 best restaurants are Mugaritz , of Andoni Luis Aduriz's; and Asador Etxebarri , of Victor Arguinzoniz. The Basque Country has always been the cradle of great masters of the kitchen, but now Euskadi can boast of having placed in the top 10 of the world two of its sukaldaris.
Aduriz cuisine is defined as tecnoemotive. Beyond the abstract, the menu consists of 20 dishes of Basque cuisine combined with elements of mountain and sea. Garlic omelette, pork and squid, all together in a kind of crunchy cheese sandwich, convinced the diners. It's just a recommendation we give you!


The chef Andoni Luis Aduriz photographed by Ferran Nadeu The chef Andoni Luis Aduriz photographed by Ferran Nadeu


Arguinzoniz nomination, although not exempt from quality, perhaps would surprise most restaurateurs. This does not mean that does not deserve it, but the search even more difficult in the kitchen seems to have doomed the traditional steakhouses. This says a lot of vizcaíno chef, who has been able to give a twist to the business to position it as the 10th best eating house globe. In their tasting menu we can find huge prawns tartare or homemade sausage. It does not sound sophisticated, but all that is in Etxebarri is real kitchen, with all its letters.



And 4 more among the top 50

The journey through the senses offering in Azurmendi , the Basque chef (another) January Atxa begins on the roof of a garden where diners can inspect the products that they will eat later. Inside, panels in which scenes that change depending on the season in which we are invited to enjoy dishes vanguard project. Some of the proposals to consider, if you're lucky enough to visit the house of Atxa are the truffled egg is cooked upside down to remove some of the yolk and truffle soup introduce; and edible cotton, a classic appetizer that guests eat in the greenhouse. Is the 16th best restaurant.


Juan Mari and Elena, Elena and Juan Mari, are the Arzak . And Arzak is also the name of his restaurant. The restaurant, located on a hilltop in San Sebastián, has been in the family for generations. However, space does not shined until Juan Mari, now 74, he took over the house. Now, the popular chef oversees the letter, while Elena, her daughter and representative of a new generation carries the day to day business. Arzak stands out for its different tasting menus. His specialties include red skin egg with peppers, trotters with mushrooms and sea bass, which is presented on a tablet where you can see the sea. One feature that marks all these geniuses dishes is the crispy, given the large chocolate truffle with cotton candy and carob. Arzak is the 21st best restaurant on the planet.


Possibly no other tapas bar in the world like Tickets , located in Barcelona. Albert Adrià and Fran Agudo have been able to succeed with a quirky and eccentric local 90 seats, a park where games are shaped like food presented in top form. They have five open kitchens around the business, all specialized in one type of cuisine. Among its successes, highlights olive juice, presented through a spheronization of calcium chloride by the appearance of an olive is achieved. It is also mandatory to test its oysters and muffin jowls. And Acute Adrià have reinvented the concept of cover. Tickets occupies the 29th position.




Last but not least, the restaurant Quique Dacosta , an example of good Spanish modernist cuisine. Dacosta is a master of the techno-emotional cuisine, like Andoni Luis Aduriz, but with a fundamental difference. While the product is closer to Aduriz Basque cuisine and northern places, Dacosta has been at the forefront of Mediterranean cooking hobs. His creations dazzle, no doubt, to all the senses. The diner will always find surprises in dishes. An example is found in pigeon eggs which no longer imitations created based gel chicken broth; addition to the petals, which are pink apple chips. The senses and perception are confused to seduce the palate. In the letter there is also the famous prawn of Denia (Alicante), where the restaurant, shown in red cellophane and foie gras is located. Undoubtedly, one of the aspects that draw attention Dacosta are its origins. The chef started working at the Poblet, a family seafood restaurant also located in Denia. He began working with just 17 years and thanks to their creativity was moving in the chain of command. Both worked and so well did he got the position of head chef. Indeed, such was the success that the local owner, who changed the name in 2009. The restaurant occupies the 49th position Dacosta was made.


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