7 Benefits that make a difference between MINKA Houses houses and prefabricated houses

Currently, design houses and unconventional are contemplating an option more and more people to build their homes, both first and second home. They offer the possibility to get modern houses at very attractive prices and, in general, with periods shorter than traditional construction.



In addition, MINKA Houses allow be more original and creative and adapt easily to all types of terrain and possibilities, both space situation (in the field or city) and budget. They offer a new way to understand and make modern houses that meet your expectations high they are. Houses MINKA houses are houses with features exclusive design and guarantees that differ markedly from other buildings and, of course, the most common and less likely prefabricated houses. They are a unique and exclusive creation adapted to your tastes and preferences.




design houses



The houses MINKA Houses can be defined in a simple way: they are modern houses, for people who take precedence live comfortably so in their own space, custom designed as directed by the owners, as original as dare to be and finishes luxury. They are offered with closed budget, avoiding you overruns typical surprises that add an increase to the budget start, and built in record time without adding cumbersome waiting times. And, of course, they prove to be energy efficient, providing substantial energy savings without miss comfort, to which is added that are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Represent a new concept in building custom homes as unique and original style of Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez. They provide habitable spaces adapted to the people who will live in them and want a home where they feel at ease and comfortable with diaphanous, functional spaces, which produce warm and welcoming and the latest developments in comfort environments.



Seven characteristics of the houses MINKA Houses highlight their qualities and advantages over the various types of prefabricated or traditional houses and show why they are different and unique in its kind. This set of properties makes them so attractive to those seeking a luxury house, personal unique and, together with the best quality and the most suggestive design for an affordable price and without surprises once agreed.



1. Exclusive Design


MINKA houses Houses propose a custom design. Manufactured homes often offer various options to customers from a prefabricated base. Only houses of traditional construction and prefabricated lightweight fabric allows for more individualized offers, but not the other.



exclusive design houses


But both types of constructions offer fewer guarantees in other sections and even in the own design, which usually costs skyrocket when customizations are required.



Houses MINKA house is designed by the professional team of Jeev Architecture to create their own space according to taste and imagination of the customer. At the end of the day, he will be who live in it and enjoy it.





2. Total freedom


MINKA design houses Houses structural allow full freedom, as can only be achieved in a traditional building, but this at much greater cost and added time and space requirements. The organization contralaminada solid wood base allows the realization of the desired structure effectively and at lower cost than other materials. They are distinguished from prefabricated wooden houses typical of Canadian light frame houses, both the materials used and the selected design.



structural freedom


3. finishes high standing


The top-quality finishes are included in the building itself. MINKA houses Houses offer the best quality materials already in the total price of housing, no last minute surprises. This is difficult to find in prefabricated houses, because they tend to fit more or less planned design and execution of finished models. MINKA Houses also offers the possibility to design the house into its components, so that it can be adapted from the minimalist style and technologically advanced to more classical tastes trend without losing anything in home automation opportunities. We are not talking only of customization, but select upscale design.



exclusive design



4. Sustainable Homes



Currently we have increasingly consider the environment in the different scenarios where we move, because it adds quality of life, especially where we spend as much time as our home. MINKA houses Houses were created especially environmentally friendly from the beginning. They are built with wood, a natural product that is environmentally friendly and comes from sustainable exploitations of Europe from coniferous forests dedicated to this purpose. Its development is done by methods that are not aggressive and with special care not to damage the environment.



In addition, the houses MINKA Houses are constructed so that they are most suitable to the environment in which they will build and cause the least possible impact, also enabling greater energy savings and thus less expenditure of resources by leveraging the qualities of wood and other materials.




sustainable homes



5. Energy Efficiency



Another advantage of the houses MINKA Houses refers to energy saving. Its design was thought from the outset to make them as efficient as possible energy, therefore commitment to the environment and because of cost savings for the owner. Wood and structural components and home accessories are treated and thought themselves to provide greater energy efficiency. Of course, the house is oriented during the building process so as to make the most of the natural qualities of the land where it is installed.



Wood is a product used since ancient times in the construction of housing, among other reasons because it is an excellent thermal insulator and self-regulating, which keeps the heat in winter and get a comfortable temperature in the summer. energy savings of 60% in both heating and cooling for a house MINKA Houses without further supplements is calculated.



energy efficiency



In addition, the construction system includes several layers of insulating materials and an air chamber on its walls, as well as specific facades and roof insulation.

If we add the quality that is provided in windows and doors, you can ensure a highly efficient home. Our energy certificates always move between A and B. They are comfortable with electromagnetic isolation and up to five times quieter than brick or concrete.

6. Closed Price

But if the advantages of modern houses MINKA Houses are evident in the design, the exclusivity of their materials, personalized treatment and the project adjusted to customer requirements, we must also count among them something as important as price end thereof.

The price will be adjusted from the start. We closed just know the dimensions of the house and then design the project, meeting the specifications and tastes of the owner, guaranteeing the price previously established budget. No last minute surprises or added as in other buildings. As easy as that in directing the surface to be built already proposed a definitive and closed budget.

closed budget

Each house has an exclusive design for each client, because does not use prefabricated modules as they do manufactured homes, both wood and concrete. The design and finishes, and are considered high standing from the start, make for an unalterable budget before you even know what it will be in particular the house.

To this it is added that the houses MINKA Houses do not need any specific maintenance, or inside or outside, just the usual of any dwelling, so you can stop worrying of having to spend more money on expensive maintenance. Are durable houses that will serve several generations.

7. Term Construction

Still another advantage stands out from the houses of traditional construction. Within six months of the house design is delivered. Four to six weeks we finished the design specifications that we're doing in six / eight weeks the structure is in charge and the remaining time is built into the ground. Saving time brings also save money and worry.

delivery term

Design houses high standing MINKA Houses are designed for those who desire a comfortable, cozy and with all the possibilities that modern life offers you home. Both the materials used and the design of housing as its sustainability characteristics and energy efficiency make them an appealing option for those, like you, you want to build their own living place tailored to your tastes from a modern, ecological and unique optical .

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