Decorating tips for the bathroom in modern houses

Mime when designing and decorating bathrooms in modern houses is essential to move a whole feeling hyper care home. The bathrooms are vital stays in the development of building a new home and we must be clear from the start of construction, which elements (materials, finishes, functionality, etc.) will accompany the designs once they are sitting the bases (walls, floors and ceilings). Each year, major design houses and decoration surprise us with great ideas to equip our bathrooms robustness and elegance and, thus, achieve 100% cockpits welcoming and full of charm.




The importance of personal hygiene


By its very nature, the bathrooms require an extra dose of stress at the time of placing the elements that make up (sinks, faucets, showers, tiles, lighting, etc.). These rooms, designed primarily for daily cleaning and grooming, play a very prominent role to achieve maximum welfare of its inhabitants to be the most suitable to purge the body of impurities paper place. Personal cleanliness is a symptom of neatness and psychology of all must always be present to achieve stays, thanks to its entirety, emit an aura of comfort, relaxation and anti stress.




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We present the latest trends in bathrooms 2016, one that changes the previous concept of complexity on the other where simplicity and minimalism take the roost year. Modern houses are prepared, this 2016, to dress up their bathrooms with the best designs, styles and decoration of the moment. Have you lost the recent developments emanating from the most creative minds on the planet? Want to implement them in your bathroom? Then do not miss them !.




Flooring (tile)


hydraulic tiles


Inspired by the French palatial s mosaics. XIX, hydraulic tiles are usually made of cement (pigmented), which makes them ideal solutions to provide the room for maximum energy efficiency. Cement, with wood and stone materials, is one of the best thermal insulators. Builds up heat, tempers the bathroom and provides savings in paying energy bills.



energy saving



Very interesting this intended mainly to fill vistosidad the floor of the bathroom with the location of geometric tile masterly playing and beautiful mosaics combine to set material. Musicality, art and beauty in your favorite stay.



Marbles on floor (and walls)


Design houses most stylish choose to replace traditional tile and ceramic borders for a much more noble, more robust, sustainable and durable material: marble. An excellent and, in fact, returns with great force idea. In addition to the picturesque resulting hydraulic tiles, on the other end of trends, total return black and white to meet that objective minimalist definitely struggling to put in place in the top of the trendiest. The house full of elegance marble; in fact, / as owners / as modern houses, increasingly, they are more inclined to this option sober and simplistic decor but that, on the contrary, erects a poise and unsurpassed freshness to the bathroom.





The latest in furniture and bathroom accessories


We examine the latest trends in 3 of the essential elements in shaping the bathroom: sinks, showers or baths and mirrors.



Designer sinks


They return, as we said, the black and white contrasts in furniture containers faucet. The simplicity and clean lines clean and mark us that minimalism comes with the force of a cyclone bathrooms. After intricate designs are nothing functional furniture. Now, space saving, sustainability and energy efficiency take precedence over everything.



bathroom design houses



This is the case of the toilets there is a clear commitment to natural and sustainable design, barely getting together the full integration of the sink (drain) with the surface. A magnificent idea to break the molds that uses art hardware and whose drawers open and close automatically and homogeneous with a slight touch on its side manner.



It also highlights the commitment also sinks made of ceramic high-end and ultra thin edges resistant unmistakable elegance. Quality and robustness in a design that can hold the faucet suspended in the air or through drawers lacquered furniture which incorporates metal rods held in black. Elegance and strength without losing the minimalist goals.



The finishes of the fittings do not change, however, the tremendous popularity acquire metal plated brass to host the brightness of the room is observed. A sensational alternative to stainless steel and traditional aluminum.



¿Showers or baths?


It highlights a trend that, by dint of observing in ultimate luxury homes, is being installed widely and this is to bring the bath room. The spacious square meters and can locate a spare bedroom bath design on one of its sides (separate bed) and thus partially join the room (bedroom) with bathroom. A solution more than recommended for lovers of peace and tranquility that can be combined with many technological features such as thermostatic mixers, whirlpool tubs or showers and computerized to select specific programs.


showers modern houses


Mirrors, the reflection of oneself

The king of bath accessories is the mirror, related to beauty and narcissism in activities such as makeup or shaving. In 2016 the simple mirrors that can not be incorporated or furniture (door towel bars, for example) are carried. Opting for a single piece of mirror, which is simplicity queen, if anything, with some element of symmetrical curved decor and finishes that break with the quadrangular geometry which are often traded.



Total inspiration

Nature elements

The decor is up to you and feng shui is ideal for the rest of your house in general and for your bathroom in particular. Using natural materials and fully recyclable as lamps or rods stork nest fragrance to give your bathroom a subtle scent freshener are very good options to generate you care.

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You can also use natural stone, onyx sinks or natural wood for your furniture. Remember that sustainable style, very fashionable, uses different parts of old furniture that once restored look again with a renewed air. Everything takes advantage.

Vegetation, connection to Mother Earth

Plants add color to the bathroom and connect its inhabitants with mother earth. We talked about the important role these stays for peace and serenity to perform on the day. Therefore, deploy and plant flowers in the bathroom, simulating a small personal garden, it provides large doses of relaxation and creates warm spaces.

Lighting: goodbye to the halogens

Say goodbye to halogen light bulbs used with light color 100% natural. Create an area full of warmth and rejects the artifice of the less benevolent environment lighting room. Keep in mind when building your bathroom, you should reserve a large window for removing odors and filtering natural light, possibly in a different orientation to the north to always look loaded with solar energy.

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energy efficiency and sustainability

Houses MINKA design paradigm is luxury highly efficient and sustainable , both in bathrooms and other rooms of the house. With an ultra-resistant structure technological and closed from the beginning that haunt so alone, 1,500 euros per square meter, these upscale homes have become the most efficient solution to optimize energy resources wood prices. Houses MINKA unique and guarantees the highest score in performance certificates (A and B) designs.

It's time to invest in your welfare. Are you thinking of buying a newly built house? MINKA Houses : expertise, luxury and design at the best price.

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