HOUSES MINKA houses, with an eye to the future

The world is changing, and the new technological advances allow us to program our luxury homes, spectacular homes whose price will know at the time of hire her. Because the evolution that has experienced the world of construction, especially in the hands of a famous architect, is going to permit construction of spectacular homes. The answer to this achievement has MINKA Houses, a product aimed at the study Jeev Architecture.



But what are our needs?, what house we want?, where? ... These questions are no longer ephemeral or impossible. the homes of  MINKA Houses respond to these concerns, that maybe someday we have raised same of us. Concerns that generally lead to buying a brick house already built and not others of the many possibilities offered by the wide world of construction.




spectacular homes




How to respond to our needs


To know also how, we have to talk about MINKA HOUSES. A major project is already a reality. In addition, it is a job that has required a thorough study and research and is championed by one of the most famous architects of the current scene: Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez. Perhaps a guru of new trends and an expert in making modern and upscale homes.


MINKA HOUSES began considering the questions we asked when we dreamed or thought aloud. These questions that Joan Enric resolved with a highly developed, getting to realize our wishes. Because to make the choice of the house of our life in an economical and fast way not only does lack cunning, but much research, study and work, and that they get only qualified professionals. Thanks to them and their work, we now have the ability to think out loud, unashamed to consider the possibility of living in the house of our dreams. Therefore we say that for those who know well the project that now provides MINKA HOUSES, sleep is not as such, but a reality that soon could be at our fingertips: a house to stay comfortably, which has, among other advantages, with large spaces, luminosity, use of renewable energy, use of the natural environment where it is built, possible creation of pool or adjoining areas for recreation, etc.




custom house




A good connection between the client and the building company


The study Jeev Architecture directing by Joan Enric, not only it raises this idea but also about other aspects that will range in the minds of those who have read us. Aspects such as customer relations, the use of the best materials, efficiency and, of course, good taste that characterizes this study. The latter one, not only will be the star when applying for a house of this type, it will be present throughout the process of building housing. So, after choosing the design and appropriate measures, this firm of architects build your house where you want, in the middle of nature or in the field provided. In this way, and through the interaction of professionals who coordinate the construction of your home, you will achieve the house you always dreamed of and within your budget.




Budgets closed from the time of purchase


For its idiosyncrasies, MINKA HOUSES have the ability to close the budget at the same time of hire. Another advantage over the model homes to which we are accustomed, whose construction is usually filled with extra costs. For example, in the construction of conventional homes, it depends on the previous step. This fact makes, if there is a delay or an increase in one step, increase the final price. With MINKA HOUSES nothing vary in cost. The price is very tight, (1,500 euros / m2 approx.), so it becomes affordable for people who want a luxury home.



BUDGET BE closed



So, this choice can become perfect for many people, for investors and for nature lovers who want to give a unique, practical and perfect twist to them lifestyle. This type of houses is also intended for those who want to live somewhere further from pollution, the city-center or excessive noise that makes us sometimes impossible life.




Respect for the environment


MINKA HOUSES also respects the values ​​that currently pervade any self-respecting construction: we are talking about values ​​such as respect for the environment. To do this, Jeev Architecture works for the realization of the MINKA HOUSES accordance with the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the wood with these modern houses are built is one hundred percent recyclable.


Thus, in the MINKA HOUSES is left aside structural steel and concrete to give way to the solid wood laminate, main material with which the company works to build the structure of the house. Wood emits only 30 CO2 / m2 compared to 400 CO2 / m2 emitted by old materials. One difference, you see, substantial and that will not fierce resistance to this type of construction, demonstrated both its recent history and which already staged the famous Viking with its magnificent wooden boats crossed the Atlantic, as  history evidenced.



sustainable house



But Jeev Architecture does not stop here in this escalation to overcome and improve, now has climbed another step. Today not only builds unique houses for each family, but it makes better every day.


The use of this technology construction provides a more effective result in their homes. Their methods are now regarded with admiration by experts from around the world, becoming a benchmark today that is attended by all typesof costumers, if only to know his work of building wooden houses.



Wood as a key element in building


The material used in the MINKA HOUSES  is the structural laminated wood. A contrasting element to place it in any environment and, thanks to its qualities, is gaining ground in the world of architecture. Only one fact: in northern Europe houses built with this material now account for 20 percent of the total, a figure that is constantly growing.







Once the project is designed as the wishes of each client, panels are produced and cut to size, to then, join each other dry. This is an aspect to keep in mind when speaking of speed and efficiency, because unlike concrete, this union does not need time to dry. Thus, the assembly of the structure usually lasts three days and the house is finished in four or five months. The speed, of both the purchase, of the choice of finishes and construction of the house, for these and other reasons, is assured. The credibility of the professionals of Jeev Architecture speaks for the quality of its materials, as we have seen, too, and the use of its technical make this election a success compared to conventional housing models.




A project supported by Joan Enric Ejarque Veláquez


Another value added in this type of construction, is the person who championed the project, now come true. We're talking about Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez. Currently, their study has residence in Sant Cugat - Barcelona (Spain).


Architect ETSAV (School of Architecture of the Vallès) of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. A year after finishing his studies founded in 1997 Jeev Architecture. Here, surrounded by great professionals, including interior designers, born in 2014 MINKA HOUSES with its unique product.


Architecture JEEV  works with a structure og young professionals, forming a studio known for being innovative and daring in its proposals, passionate in their creations and strict in the development of their projects.


In conclusion, creating spectacular homes, the speed of the inspection, its price and its perfect harmony with the surroundings makes anyone can resist to this product. MINKA HOUSES is the ideal product to feel fully realized.



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