It's not just a house, it is a MINKA

Today, you're used to seeing related concepts modern houses and luxury homes. It is no wonder, since the concept of luxury and perfection in real estate, is changing.




A change in the paradigm of luxury homes


We've gone from thinking that the spectacular homes were that looked gigantic and ornate elements by outside to prefer other houses, where the main thing is a maximum functionality associated with very high standard in terms of comfort.


And the comfort and design have become the most striking qualities of a house from a relatively minimalist perspective. Certainly the lines of the designs have become more homogeneous. Everything must be in place and look harmonious and balanced manner.


On the other hand, this transformation of tastes (there will always be exceptions) is closely linked to the extent that, in recent times, have the new technologies. It obviously is a resource that improve our lives and spaces in which we live.




The future is already here: the hallmark of MINKA HOUSES


When the architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez founded MINKA HOUSES, his ambitions to produce houses with their own innovative style manifested with the same conviction that today.



the future is here



Years later, we can see that the project is going well and reputation and customer base go in crescendo. At the time, already this personwas considered (team leader of Jeev - a plural group of architects, interior designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, etc.) as a visionary. Not surprisingly, the designs of some of their luxury homes drew wide attention for its futuristic character.


It was, moreover, highlighting projects, in addition to its strong personality, a willingness to take advantage of all the practical purposes of the house. For example, the use of the sun (a maximum in buildings throughout the history) was still very much on the guidelines to be followed by MINKA HOUSES.


Catalonia has witness of the construction of these spaces. You recognize, immediatly, one of these houses, because they do not resemble traditional homes. In fact, they are fleeing of the vulgar concept and standardized townhouse, linked to the darkest episodes of the housing bubble.


In MINKA HOUSES, they will pose other solutions, which represent a qualitative leap in the concept of homes that, until now, have known.




Focusing on the practical


As we advanced, today what we mean by spectacular houses coincide with spaces that make us life easier and not so much those old mansions where you could get lost. On the contrary, now we have everything ready and we prioritize automation and functionality in our homes. Ergonomics, moreover, has become a concept that can not do without.


We are also giving a striking relevance to privacy. That is, we like to keep the spaces of privacy in our house. And besides, either by regulation or by conviction itself, reducing the ecological footprint also is becoming a consequence of our choice of style solutions which proposes MINKA HOUSES.


In this regard, we are interested, in particular, highlight some of the advantages offered MINKA HOUSES and representing their different characteristics compared to other real estate projects.


First, we note that MINKA HOUSES is establishing itself as a benchmark, especially in the area of ​​luxury homes, this is, of luxury homes. Broadly speaking, their homes stand out for a number of patterns that we do not often see in the constructions to use.


They are based on wooden structures solid contralaminada. We refer to the hardwood, which is not usual in conventional buildings. As we will see in more depth post, also excel tight budget and runtime housing, which the company promises. With figures in hand, it is a condition which can hardly match other companies in the sector.


laminated wood



Finally, we note that MINKA HOUSES works with the most prestigious suppliers and has partnerships with companies of first level. These agreements are based on the consistency of projects and provide materials focused on the preferences of people. On the other hand, issues such as energy efficiency have been consolidated, directly as a must in the world of solutions offered by MINKA HOUSES.


And this latest decision of customers, in close relationship counseling with professional technicians MINKA HOUSES, is one of the most obvious advantages of opting for the services of this firm.


Have the possibility that you designed to measure , depending on your tastes, how you want it to be the home of your dreams.






We have to confirm the existence of principles that are recognizable in all creations of MINKA HOUSES, beyond the exclusivity of their projects.


They are common to their qualities and constructions involving the brand image of this most precious architectural project. Then we tell you what these building concepts that take pride in championing responsible for MINKA HOUSES are:


- Sustainability. We all have a debt and responsibility to the environment. So in your behavior, you should not fall into bad practices that would increase your ecological footprint. Therefore, you have to opt for natural and recyclable materials. Furthermore, the achievement of raw materials need not generate waste or waste. In this sense, the model of exploitation must be sustainable and meet ecological and ethical criteria. Not everything is as it is the nature and future of the Earth what is at stake.






- Efficiency. years ago, nobody had heard of it. Now it is an obligation in the new buildings. Energy efficiency, in turn, is directly related to savings. Grosso modo, because it will have a significant impact on reducing consumption and maintenance costs. With MINKA HOUSES energy efficiency ratings ranging from A and B, ie, much higher than usual in the houses of our environment and required by the current Technical Building Code is achieved.


In this regard, spaces of HOUSES MINKA incorporate the following elements in order to achieve maximum efficiency:


- Structure of laminated wood , which protrudes by its insulating capacity and thermal efficiency.


- Underfloor heating.


- Guardian sun and thermal glass low emissivity.


- Total use of solar energy.


- Cross ventilation.


- Design. In designing MINKA HOUSES, he notes, how could it be otherwise, the hallmark of the prestigious architect Enric Ejarque founder Joan Velazquez, an eminence in the field.


Forget the poor concept of prefabricated houses because MINKA HOUSES adapts to the specific needs of each client and so unique are the structures of each of the houses.


At the option of customization that you previously discussed forms of oriental influence that characterize designs MINKA HOUSES and will transport you to states of relaxation and comfort combine.


Runtime . The speed with which workers HOUSES MINKA just works is one of the biggest differences in this firm competition. The use of laminated wood structures of KLH type enables substantial streamlining of the projects. This structure is imported from plants in Germany and Austria and can be transported and assembled within two weeks.



Execution time



The other avatars of the work, such as dealing with suppliers, also managed quickly. This is, broadly speaking, to simplify all procedures related to the work.


This determination not to eternalize the terms of the works explains that within six to eight months, depending on the surface of the housing and counted from reaching the building permit by the municipality, may have completed the work. These works are divided in two months on the project and making four or six associated with the construction and assembly.


- Experience . Finally, "by their works you shall know them." The study Jeev has over twenty years of successful career and is credited with more than 270 buildings culminated with all the guarantees. Therefore, today, the team led by Joan Enric Ejarque Velazquez has established itself as a benchmark in the construction of single family house of middle and high level.


It's time to give satisfaction to your dreams of having a luxurious home where you feel the nature around you. MINKA HOUSES is waiting.



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