Luxury jewelry and its history

Delve into our tour of the most famous jewels, outstanding jewels in history ... a way to do a review of some famous people, curiosities and own of lives available to few eccentricities.


1. Blue Diamond

The blue diamond is also known as the Hope diamond or even as the jewel of the sea. It is a gem of Indian origin and blue as its name describes. Approximately weighs more than 45 carats.


If we want to know your story, we must go back to 1800. Initially this precious gem was owned by a French merchant named Tavernier. He sold it to King Louis XIV and then would go through Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and George IV, to finish in a aristocratic family called Hope. This is another of the reasons why it is also called Hope Diamond.


The death of the head of household, there were rifts in his family, his nephews to be exact, and finally became shown in major exhibitions and be the heritage of the Hope family. It is currently at the Museum of National History Smithsonian.


2. Faberge Easter eggs

These luxury jewelry created Carl Faberge for the Russian tsars. Carl Fabergefue is considered one of the most valuable goldsmiths who has had the history of luxury jewelry. He won a gold medal and was jeweler of the royal house.


Alexander III, as a gift for his wife, he built a jeweler who was a smaller giant egg inside another and simultaneously a chicken inside the small egg. Such was the success of this gift that the wife of Tsar imposed make an egg on Easter. Even today have not been found all the pieces that made the great jeweler.


3. The Archduke Joseph August of Austria and Diamond

It is a 76 carat diamond, which is also known as perfect diamond. Its shape and transparency are perfect and for this reason are classified in category D world of jewelry. It was owned by the Austrian dynasty. Its discovery occurred in India, Golconda mines. Over the years it was sold to a banker and stored in France.

Finally, it was sold for 21 million dollars to a buyer who is still anonymous.


4. Catherine the Great diamond, diamond Orlov

This gem, also of Indian origin, with a weight of 189.62 carats, was owned by many different owners. He finished as a gift in the hands of Catherine the Great, who ordered a scepter and incorporate the diamond in the center of his head. Today it is known as imperial scepter. a strange diamond is considered as it retains the originality of Indian diamond pink.


5. The incomparable

The incomparable is the name by which it is known a spectacular diamond necklace about 637 carats about that was created by Mouawad. It is currently the most expensive necklace in the world. Its value reaches $ 55 million, possessing the most perfect and largest diamond weighing 890 carats.


6. Princess Katharina Henckel Von Donnersmarck and tiara

This beautiful tiara is composed of a total of 11 drops of emeralds of Colombian origin and is the most expensive tiara sold.

He bought an American who paid a whopping $ 12.7 million. the buyer's name is unknown.


7. La Peregrina Pearl

La Peregrina Pearl is one of the most famous jewels known in history. It has an unusual size and teardrop. He made a journey around the world to finally be discovered in Panama.

Over the years offered to the king of Spain Felipe II and from that moment he began to travel to different places in Europe. Spanish nobles led or rather, they wore this wonderful jewel Panama.

Joseph Bonaparte, to ask the kings his possessions, took with him also the pilgrim pearl. It is said that happened at the hands of Napoleon, who sold it to have financial problems.

Elizabeth Taylor received this pearl as a gift from her husband, who bet a large sum of money. Upon the death of the actress, her jewels were auctioned.

8. The ring Tsarevna Swan

It is a diamond ring handmade in white gold 18K. It has the Guinness World Record for the large number of diamonds that is embedded in the ring. A total of 2525 diamonds, said ranging from 0.001 to 0.05 carats the. Its total weight is 10.48 carats.

It produced an exclusive jewelry Ukraine. It is said anecdotally that the work of this piece took more than 3500 hours.

9. The diamond Taylor Burton

We return to mention Elizabeth Taylor, also known for having a beautiful violet eyes and his great passion and taste for jewelry, diamonds being their favorite. She often commented that his great loves were three: Michael Todd, Richard Burton and, last but not least, the jewels.

Initially it was a diamond, but having a huge size finished using it as a necklace worn on numerous occasions.

10. Ring Lady Di, now owned by Princess Kate Middleton, married to the eldest son of Lady Di

It is a large sapphire 18K white gold with diamonds and around.

Princess Diana took it and was a gift from her husband, Prince Charles, when he asked her hand.

Today is Kate Middleton, who as it happened before, it received as a gift of betrothal of Prince William. After the commitment of the princes, many copies were made worldwide, some original and some false.

Jewelry with history

The crown jewels

In the official acts, Queen Elizabeth II usually look very valuable pieces. To appreciate most is to have a collar, and the reason is that it was a gift from the sisters Dun Cann. Dun Cann sisters Queen Elizabeth wanted to have it. The Queen accepted and invited to the palace to thank them both.

Beau Sancy diamond Marie de Medicis

It is a diamond that is pear-shaped and worn by the Queen of France Marie de Medicis. A few years ago it was auctioned and its value ranges between 2 and 4 million.

Chopard wristwatch 201

It is the most expensive wrist watch that can be found in the world. Its value is 25 million, has 431 diamonds and a total weight of 201 carats.

Graff Vivid Yellow Ring

Has a value of 16.3 million dollars, it is a precious jewel ring worn on a beautiful yellow color. It is mounted in gold and has 100 carats.

Ocean Heart Necklace

We can count anecdotally that a copy exactly like appearance was made, but no value for the filming of the movie Titanic. It has a blue diamond of 15 carats. Its value is around 17 million.

Collar Blue Belle of Asia

It has a value of 17.3 million dollars. It consists of a sapphire which is the world's largest room.

Hutton-Mdivani Necklace Jadeite

Valued at 27.4 million dollars, it is made by an amount of 27 emeralds and finished with diamonds and rubies.

Diamond Bikini

This piece swimsuit is valued at 30 million dollars. It consists of 150 carats of diamonds. I think with a piece of bathroom with this value no one will dare to get into the sea dressing her.

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