Modern houses: Best of new construction or second hand?

Are you thinking of building your own home? Have a land where to build your house? Now is your moment, the moment that everyone wants, to capitalize the many years of effort and hard work: build your house. Design it to your needs is easy with MINKA HOUSES, an expert in the construction of modern houses for families in the XXI century. Our homes are the result of a logical evolution of architecture, that take advantage of its potential for cutting-edge designs and highly efficient.



Sustainable, environmentally friendly and built quickly. Such are the homes of MINKA Houses, houses full of modernity that respond to a huge social demand that values, above all, low power and cost reduction. With a range from 1,350 euros / square meter to 1,600 euros / square meter, depending on the size of home you want to build, MINKA HOUSES provides design houses, exclusive for you, in a highly competitive market. This price includes, among other items, the fees of the architect and the total equipment of bathrooms, kitchen, glassware, household appliances, etc.



new house


In MINKA HOUSES we are ready to give you the best housing solution and adapt it to your needs of space. We promise to finish the construction process in a period of between six and eight months (depending on the size of the house) so you can enjoy your own home with your family. We are prepared to provide high levels of satisfaction to our costumers. And all this with the support of the prestigious architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, with over twenty years of expirience and around 300 homes created. His expertise will certainly be a guarantee of comfort and livability.



Then you'll see some of the benefits you will gain by hiring the execution of your newly built housing with MINKA HOUSES, so that you have all the evidence before to opt for a resale home (already done and with the limitations all this could bring for your interests) or other newly created, made to measure, to your taste without reforms.




Exclusive design


Perhaps you have in mind to build the house of your dreams, away from the city, settle in an exclusive development or simply a change of scenery without losing comfort, status and comfort that you like to have always. In MINKA Houses, each house is different and we guarantee the exclusivity of its construction. Of course, this is a very remote concept townhouse that has so proliferated in Spain during the housing boom mentality. Many real estate also offered them-houses-all cut from the same pattern: identical and prefabricated. Certainly, it is something really preventable with MINKA HOUSES. You do not prefer a single home and create your own style? The team of architects is all ears ...



your dream house



The structure of your future house is made ​​from solid wood laminated in plants in Austria and Germany, using the latest technologies to bring together, design and comfort in your home. The projects are closed in situ and customizing each part of the house to get the highest customer satisfaction, which will allow for a extra creativity that the  second-hand house does not allow you.  MINKA Houses priorities are:



· Provide welfare and quality of life

· Energy saving and efficiency
· Thermal and electromagnetic insulation
· Naturalness and beauty


High-end finishes, floor heating, solar panels and a host of ultra-modern features to give your home the best guarantee of comfort, both interior spaces (through their coatings) and in the field. Installing alarms, utility construction, lighting, video intercom, telephone and television ... Nothing can be missing in your new home.

Ultramodern homes

A luxury, being unique houses, exclusive and high standing at highly competitive prices. New construction houses designed only for you: so that you can dwell and make your dreams flight quickly. The team of architects designing your home based on your tastes and the features that you and your family need. Play with maximum flexibility. Maybe not  know yet, how many people end up inhabiting in the house of your dreams.




Guaranteed energy efficiency


The energy performance certificate is not a trivial matter, but quite the opposite. The technicians who perform energy reports (engineers and architects in particular) value the state of the construction and design, to provide objective information on whether the home meets the criteria for energy optimization or, conversely, wastes energy. A being the highest score (favorable) and, through a pyramid of colors, down to G (worst), all technical provide efficiency mechanisms needed to improve the quality and energy efficiency.



But how does this affect your home? Over 80% of homes in our country do not exceed mandatory energy efficiency court to sell or rent homes. In other words, eight out of ten buildings are rated between D and G in scoring for energy efficiency. This is attested by the Ministry of Industry in one of his reports, according to the results obtained after evaluating the energy efficiency of one million homes. This regulation, in force since June 2013, states that the energy certificate will last ten years and fines from 300 to 6,000 euros for housing and buildings that do not exceed the cut, depending on the severity. After two years since the implementation of the standard, our country is still far from acceptable levels placed in efficiency and in this sense, communities of owners must carry out, in many cases, major restructuring of buildings (with the therefore cost of claims which assumes) to achieve the required levels.



energy efficiency


Starting from scratch in building a work that guarantees, from the first moment, that energy efficiency levels are adequate can cheapen face extra costs, for example, to sell or rent your home in the future. Do not forget that energy efficiency is an added value to your home and help decisively to lower the high prices of electricity and gas and optimizes its use for every corner.



The real estate market, as reflected in the report of Industry, is composed mainly by houses and old buildings that did not contemplate the new technical code at the time of its construction, because it did not exist. Between buying a resale home, without the quality certificate approved (most likely), and decide how to  be your own home, what you choose?




Lack of reforms


Imagine a house that suits you and from the first moment, everything closed since the start of the negotiations. And, at your service, a great team of professionals ensures that your house is yours, that is to say, is built to your liking, even in the smallest detail: building materials, finishes, goal attempts... You decide on your home and MINKA HOUSES is to build the best home ever imagine: the home of your dreams, your life, your investment. Ultimately, your happiness. There is nothing more charming than ready to live in the place that yourself have designed. 




custom house



Works, yes; reforms, no. You will forget to see your new house upside down and tear down walls, gain spaces and give them to other areas and leverage to infinity the possibilities of your home. Some advantage should have to build from scratch. Rate the additional costs that reforms in second- hand housing can lead, rather wich increases significantly the starting price.



With Minka Houses, design and size of the rooms are at your charge of your imagination ... A dream kitchen? How about a living-dining room large and bright? And packed dressing wardrobes? Wardrobe, shoe rack, storage ... The entire project at your fingertips from the start of execution and quickly, very quickly, to accelerate the most of your installation and with your family in your new dream home. MINKA Houses undertakes to comply with tight deadlines in the completion of  the house: six months approximately. This is due to the strong commitment of architects and surveyors in charge of monitoring the result of the work thoroughly.



modern houses



MINKA HOUSES  is, no doubt, a great choice to move into your new home unique and exclusively designed for you. Design innovation, at the forefront of building area, with high energy efficiency reached, arises from the need and the strong commitment to sustainable housing demand nowadays society as a whole.



If you are considering the possibility of building your own home from your starting point, do not hesitate to contact MINKA HOUSES. You will be delighted and we will present the project from different angles. Take advantage of the great expertise of our technical team and do not miss the opportunity. Call us without obligation. We will inform you.


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