New trends in home construction

The housing concept has evolved historically, to the sound of the emergence of new human activities, which have been undergoing transformations family relationships and technological advances. To reach those manufactured homes so spectacular that you can enjoy those who count on sufficient purchasing power. Modern houses have been forged to the rhythm of changes in lifestyle and social values, which determined its shape, color and size as well as concerns about the dangers that come from the environment and climate. All this gives meaning to the specific use of materials that have been consolidated in the construction of modern houses and configuration of projects designed by architects.



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A little history


If you're reading this article, it is clear that you are interested in luxury homes. But equally, you'll be pleased, out of curiosity, to know how humans have evolved up to how to build our homes as we do today. Well, we must go back behind the year 6000 BC, to what currently is Turkey, to find the first signs of "house", focused as a form of protection against the weather and wild beasts. They are remains fairly stable housing, built of sun-dried clay. Because the material used was little resistance, the walls were reinforced with cooked or glazed bricks embedded in ceramic. Several centuries later, among the houses located in the Iberian Peninsula, the preferred materials for their benefits against moisture, were wood and vegetable fibers.



In the early twentieth century, an architectural trend called Modernism emerged, sure you've heard since covered many aspects of culture, such as literature, painting and others. This current took the initiative to innovate with hitherto unknown industrial materials, such as reinforced concrete, steel or laminated flat glass. With what results? As they were excellent, because with them, gave a new concept of construction, start-based prefabricated components that end up invading the new buildings of modern houses. And what effect did it? Basically, reduce costs and environmental impact of the buildings, to optimize the cost of materials and energy consumption.





What should be present in all luxury


Although we all have our tastes and even yours may be different from the majority in the concepts of luxury homes and spectacular homes there is a common denominator with which I guess you'll agree: a house is not luxurious if you have a large and stately entrance with a well-nourished ladder rungs and at least two well ventilated and generous in space plants. As, no? Well, once the starting point has been set, enter the detail views on how it could be your new luxury home if definitely you decide to implement it.



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The components most fashionable luxury homes


Of course, when it comes to planning a luxury home, you must keep in mind the racket of technological innovations that currently invade everything with varying degrees of success. Builders already know is good for them to adapt to these technological trends, as are those prevailing in the property market. For example, you know that with a touch on your iPhone, you can lock doors, control the internal environment of your home, turn off lights and monitor your alarm system from wherever you are. Most buyers of luxury homes require this type of performance, involving install wireless home automation devices. In short, we talk about smart houses.



Of course, if your purchasing power allows you to lead a life in a big way, a splendid kitchen is set to become another hallmark of personality of your home. Upscale cuisine stands normally, apart from its size, for a cozy atmosphere: electrical appliances and equipped with all sorts of suggestive applications, a bodeguita with its good selection of wines and a spectacular pantry. But the fact that the kitchen is well equipped usually not enough for anyone looking for luxury at its most intimate plot. It is very common nowadays, join the comforts of a kitchen with an extra important: outdoor area. You, freedom-loving, nature and wide open spaces, sure you're already thinking: what joy! That bastion of outdoor kitchen may include a gas grill for your barbecues or paellas, an area for food preparation with stainless steel surfaces, a fridge to store snacks and, of course reserve several places to relax .



But if something relaxed living in a luxurious house relates, it is with a great bathroom, comfortably equipped comparable to those fantastic bathrooms of luxury hotels details. Be honest: what you give something great for the pleasure to immerse yourself in a comfortable soaking tub? On the other hand, the bedrooms tend increasingly, in these houses, to be a big open area with space for a bed of 1.50 meters with canopy and various nooks of rest with its comfortable armchairs. This cutting edge technology is also imposed, based on automatic lighting systems, security, curtains movements and environmental monitoring, among other things. And from there, we can list the great classics of foreign luxuries such as pools, spas or hot tubs and cabins for changing clothes.



luxury houses


Another trend, increasing incidence, among claimants of luxury homes affects recyclables, as we are all increasingly sensitive to what they call environmental footprint, which motivates us to put these spectacular homes with recycled materials. And what is clear is that none of this is incompatible with the energy savings. The dominant architectural styles and strong environmental awareness enable integration of luxury and sustainable development





Two opposing trends in luxury homes: baroque vs. minimalism

The slogan "less is more" seems to have succeeded in cutting-edge architecture. Most projects facing architects goes along the lines of simplicity, white ... However, some people still prefer more ornate designs, in clear reference to baroque.

As a minimalist style, in straight lines, neutral colors and materials between the transition zones, glass and glass that let in light and connect the interior with the most natural resources from abroad predominate. Clearly, the decided inclination to white as the color star is focused on modern minimalist decor, well established in the luxury homes. Together, you'll see that stylized geometry, the white background and the use of wood are the perfect triad for your home is harmonious and warm.

MINKA HOUSES, style of present and future

Now that you're ready to make the leap to bring forward all your life, which is building a house whose identity card is excellence, you find your mind blank and do not know where to throw, if baroque, whether minimalist, all a world of styles around ... But perhaps there is a detail that can definitely make your decision when designing (or rather, to instruct its design, unless you're an architect): the contact with nature and spaces fresh air. Have we found the key? If so, perhaps MINKA HOUSES have the solution to your genuine idea of ​​luxury housing.

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How are luxury homes MINKA HOUSES?

HOUSES MINKA houses are fully bespoke designs, but with a careful systematization. You might ask: how do we get that? As technologies based on fast, efficient and ecological construction. In the professional studio Jeev Architecture, Barcelona-born MINKA HOUSES recorded by Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, it works with a construction system that uses structural wood-laminated KLH type. It is wood panels produced and cut to size, that are associated with the so-called dry joints, which is essential to reduce construction time and to build a house in no more than four or five months. All this should not miss you, because 20% of homes in Northern Europe is manufactured in this material. Among other things, because the homes that use it boast a very low energy consumption, it is a fully recyclable material and also takes much less energy to produce than for steel or concrete. Another advantage that you have to keep in mind is that due to the lightness of the structure of laminated wood, these buildings can reduce the foundation proportionally, thereby lowering overall.

To sum up, houses luxury homes MINKA HOUSES are based on proven materials and environmentally sustainable, unique to each client and fast implementation quality. Do not hesitate to get to work, pun intended.

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