The 5 advantages of choosing modern houses

The luxury homes are raising an expectation that we have never seen. In fact, they are having some success television programs dedicated to present the public with great spectacular homes.



In a way, it is normal that this concept of the spectacular homes mix with the modern houses . At the end of the day, technology and construction methods evolve, so that luxury is becoming available to those who have a good salary and we can afford a house of high standing.



For that work. Or not?. In fact. In addition, it is also pamper yourself, buy a house because it will be one of the most important investments you will make in your life. In fact, a high percentage of society, it is more important purchase they make.



This is because, without doubt, one's home is the place of the world where we will spend more time. It is not a question, therefore, smaller, but quite the opposite. And besides, it may not only need the house to relax, but also becoming common routine of working at home. In any case, you require this space fits your needs for comfort and convenience.



It has changed the concept of luxury. The baroque of certain buildings we are moving increasingly to a major trend in favor of minimalism. A minimalism in which none of sophistication is not lost. The spectacular modern houses of our times are not as ornate as those of yesteryear. Rather, they project a sense of order. Functionality, therefore, has become the basis of this modern conception of luxury.






And there's nothing like being comfortable in the shelter stress in your home. Therefore, we have, then our tips for picking the modern house of your dreams, with minimal risk of error:




A home for every style


The sense of order and balance will be essential to reach a state of total relaxation at home. Therefore, the design of the interior or exterior aesthetic lines (of your facade, for example) must not be left to chance.



There are many possible aesthetic styles for a house as there are people. However, sometimes we need someone to give us a hand with the distribution of the furniture or suggestions. Someone, of course, you have the relevant knowledge of architecture and decoration and at the same time observing the house from an objective position, know also be sensitive to your preferences and tastes. At the end of the day, it is you who must meet the end result.



In this regard, technical advice that you will give MINKA HOUSES professionals will be an excellent complement to your vocation to customize the house. This signature allows you, in fact, putting your identity in housing design.



They can give you first hand information on the overall design of the house and its different styles. It is important, for example, to maintain the consistency between the different elements that make up an aesthetic. To cite a case, we should not mix style furniture decoration feng shui with industrial type.



You can also choose other styles which are at present, such as vintage or Nordic art. Both characterized by the use of wood. In the second, also noble and refined cut wood used.






In general, the choice of decorative style of the house is to reinforce your positive moods. Among other objectives, this would be the principal.




Energy efficiency is a must


Without a doubt, energy efficiency has become an essential requirement in modern houses. Spain has been slow to put the batteries in energy efficiency, but it is never too late (if that is good, they say).



So, between legal obligations and our own interest in saving and reduce our ecological footprint, we no longer sounds that Chinese energy efficiency. Not surprisingly, meet the criteria of energy efficiency is another advisory services that provide us MINKA HOUSES makers.



Among its recommendations and the tricks we learn, we can implement a series of measures to make energy efficiency a reality in our homes. On the other hand, thrift, hard cash, can reach up to 1,200 euros per year.



We can start by buying appliances that are classified as efficient. In addition, we optimize our energy expenditure through judicious use of heating and air conditioning. In this regard, we need to thermal insulation and seal windows and doors. Do not forget, moreover, unplugging appliances, as leaving them on standby also involves consumption. Finally, you must take extra care with the use of water as you should not splurge.



Energy efficiency



In short, energy efficiency allows you to have more funds for your hobbies. For example, to buy some improvement you are going to install in your home.




Opt for the best finishes


The finishes of your house are not a minor issue. Although not part of the foundation and primary structure of the work, they will be the first thing you see every day and to draw the attention of your guests.



Therefore, you should not skimp in this section. You know, what you pay. Skip the series finishes, they stop not standardized products also end up in other houses. Remember you are looking to customize your home.



In this regard, we suggest you invest some of your time to inform and select finishes that best suit the needs of your home. You have to look logically resistant materials, but also provide a nice aesthetic line. And it is that functionality and design often go hand in hand.

In addition, employees can give MINKA HOUSES helpful tips. Without going any further, the company works with laminated wood structures and custom finishes according to customer tastes.

Wood Structure

Examples of finishes of the highest quality would be: plastic washable paint for walls with fire retardant paint, furniture in the spacious and functional kitchen, aluminum shutters and double glazed windows (closely related to energy efficiency and thermal insulation) , flooring laminate flooring for rooms, etc.

The privilege of private spaces

To make a house entirely, one of your space, it's best to be part of its own space. You already know: Spain is a country of owners. And one thing is to see your home and another outside to be seen inside.

So if you are looking for quiet and privacy, you have to get away from the standard model has grown attached to both (almost like mushrooms) in different parts of Spain. In particular, coastal, associated with the worst effects of the housing bubble.

These bungalows are otherwise impersonal luxury and distinction for which you lean. They are also buildings that recall a growth model exhausted and messy and urbanism.

Your private space ensures your security and your anonymity as there are things that one wants to look at his house. Even a garden plot can be located within the confines of your home.

Therefore, we recommend that you get in the hands of the technical advisors MINKA HOUSES, since they will suggest how to ensure the privacy of your home, without this meaning that you lose visibility through the windows or entrances get complicated.

Commitment to sustainable materials

Betting sustainable materials in the construction of your house means betting ultimately reduce your ecological footprint. Note that the houses are built with traditional materials are also sources of pollution, so we are able to minimize the ecological impact.

In MINKA HOUSES, raw materials are obtained through good practices. At no time it is involved in waste of natural resources that can not be assumed. Completely natural and recyclable materials are used, which also stand out for its strength and durability.

Natural materials

The noble finish laminated wood that is used in the works of MINKA HOUSES is one of those natural and sustainable materials.

Besides, we must consider the installation of various technological devices also take place with a special feeling for ecological conservation and environmental principles.

Overall, we've given you a number of valuable information related to the election of a new modern house . You have the floor.

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