The 5 most common mistakes when choosing modern houses

The concepts of modern houses are gradually changing. Now it seems that everyone understands construction. And it's good on the one hand, the office finally have a greater recognition. In fact, they are starting to become popular television programs on certain luxury homes. This is positive news, since this impact shows more interest in the construction work.


However, you may have also noticed that there are many lessons to be learned from the housing crisis that Spain has undergone since 2008 and has dragged down the entire economy. Improvisation or profits have been present in many projects of houses. And its consequences are still being paid. These dramas, on the other hand, are also reflected in the media and we see daily.


Therefore, when opting for the construction of these spectacular homes you can get a permit, we suggest you bet on the professionalism and good work they have accredited companies like MINKA HOUSES.



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Their experience allows them to ensure the construction of your house with the best materials, in record time (in about six months, depending on the size and complexity of the project). It also is a modern house and that will be designed, according to your particular tastes.


HOUSES MINKA you posed, therefore, a revolution in the world of home construction, your ideal modern home. And you do not make the typical mistakes of other buyers, you'll go over the major flaws that you have to avoid when choosing to bet on modern houses.



Not think maintenance costs


When we go to make an investment of any kind, we must always take account. And this use of the calculator, obviously becomes more important when we buy a new or modern home. We are undoubtedly facing one of the most important investments in our lives.


If we already took fright to the modified work (something you will not have to worry with services MINKA HOUSES), you have to be aware that not only are you going to pay for building a house, but also put working.


Indeed, there are running costs that will be closely related to the functionality and profitability of the elements of your home. Let's do a review of it, to a greater extent, you have to assess.



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First, you may live in a community of owners (you know, Spain is a country of owners), so you'll have to deal with, periodically, to spill and established quotas.


On the other hand, you'll have to also pay the fees of compulsory insurance of liability for damage to third parties. Moreover, as these insurances do not cover 100% of the damage, you may have to save an emergency fund to unforeseen events. Regarding the question of insurance, you must also perform certain maintenance (for example, if you have a property with garden), so that all the square footage of your house to meet the minimum required safety measures.


Finally, other common expenses associated with the payment of taxes (Heritage, property tax, income tax, real estate ...) and fees that you will have to pay the council of the town: sewage, refuse, special works, etc.




Ignoring energy efficiency


Ignoring energy efficiency criteria is a common mistake in the Spanish homes, although they are already putting in place to prevent high regulatory costs and reduce the environmental footprint of each building.



energy efficiency



Not having a facility condition and no longer prudent use guidelines are reasons that can make the concept of energy efficiency is going to hell. Therefore, we recommend that you take into consideration a number of tips for greater energy efficiency in your home. If you ignore these recommendations, you must not be surprised when the annual cost of your home may increase by more than 1,200 euros:


- Seal the windows and doors. You save both heating and air conditioning costs. The double glazing, moreover, will offer greater isolation.


- Do not leave appliances on standby. It is better than directly unplug the cables.


- Lava efficient way to save water.


- Make judicious use of kitchen appliances.


- Use energy saving light bulbs.


- Save water in the bathroom. Especially in the toilet tank.


- Use appliances that have an efficient search.


- Invest in the thermal insulation of your home.


- Install a condensing boiler and get to save on the gas bill.




Buy the house thinking about another lifestyle


Sometimes, we bought a house and chose its structure and its components, according to our individual interests of the moment.


The truth is that it is not an easy matter and usually tends to practicality, that is to choose what you need at a particular time. It is understandable, but then come the complaints.


We do not ask you to be a soothsayer of your future, but maybe you think more appropriate medium term. Consider the following scenario. You bought a house when you were single. It has more than enough square meters for your lifestyle. However, when you couple moved to live with you, and you began to have some problems of space, even though the house was great.


Imagine how you would have to manage more space problems, if you go to have children. It is possible that you may need a bathroom more or that you have to do any work (for example, throw a partition) to enable one or two rooms for the kids.




as houses



In short, you've changed your lifestyle, but your home without a costly reforms would remain the same from the beginning. A certain lack of foresight may involve not find enough comfort in your own home and not bring them to the desired performance.

Therefore, we recommend that, in terms of real estate investments, think, at least in the long term.

Relying on tinkering with little impact

Many times, we have to make changes or new facilities in the house, because we have not provided specific needs.

We believe, wrongly, that these adjustments (real reforms, in most cases) are going to be fast, easy and profitable. And yet, we realize that they will be characterized by the opposite. That is, its resolution will last a long time, highlighted by its complexity and will expensive.

Often, we leave for later the introduction of some functional or decorative element in the home. It is logical, on the other hand, we want to release the suspended home and let these interventions. However, improvisation or lack of foresight will have negative consequences.

Enter always works will involve making a significant financial investment. It also gives a lot of reluctance. So it is always better for workers to take advantage of the original work to complete their work. Meanwhile, in MINKA HOUSES conveniently they advise you that you include in your house all you require (also energy efficiency in appliances and installations) and do not need further reforms.

Besides, getting into works will preclude the use of some parts of your home for some time, which is always a discomfort. So, for example, think about whether you prefer to have a bath or shower, lest you have to finish changing the first by the second, with all the headaches that this reform entails.

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Trust a quality of finishes

When you are considering a house of high standing, the finishes are not a side issue, but of the utmost importance. It's the first thing you will see every day and observe your guests to the house.

Many builders will offer series finishes that no longer standardized creations for other similar houses or smaller category. We should not skimp with the materials and the finished designs, and you are looking for style and strength. You do not want the finished (eg walls) to deteriorate over time.

MINKA HOUSES, on the other hand, gives you the possibility that collaborate in the design of your home and you customize to your liking. Its professionals will provide its expertise in the field of design and construction and will recommend finishes at the height of the project have in hand.

And we do not want that finishes your house look like those of any other. That would be typical of prefabricated houses or bungalows characteristic of the housing bubble.

In short, contact MINKA HOUSES and begins to feel how will the house of your life.

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