The art of decorating the garden of your modern home

The garden is an integral part of modern houses, a space specially designed to ensure comfort, welfare and relaxation of the owners. Therefore, we must create environments that are able to make us feel good without necessarily have to give up good taste, visual harmony and, of course, to minimalism, which should prevail in modern gardens. Also, when you create your ideal garden, you should look for the natural environments that are pure, authentic and sober, but also emotional and full of feelings that you evoke unrepeatable moments, designed to ensure your relaxation and wellbeing. We invite you to create some simple tips MINKA design houses Houses:


modern minimalist gardens

Often the garden acts as a refuge or oasis of relaxation and break from our busy lives, our work obligations and family obligations. Precisely for this reason, an excessively ornate and colorful garden can end the peace and tranquility we seek. Surely, when you think about creating a minimalist garden will come to mind concepts as order, simplicity, beauty and, above all, elegance and ornamental sobriety. In short, a harmonious space and a color range that invites relaxation. If we place this in the practical field, it results in the limited use of plant species, with special importance of those that offer us some colors and similar shades and always choosing the flowers or plants that stand out for their beauty and originality. And as to furniture, we should seek simplicity and try to include sparsely furnished and well distributed to give all the attention to the structural elements of the garden itself, minimalist decor that should be harnessed as decoration.


An example of minimalist garden would be one that uses plants as sober as bamboo. With its slim and stylized leaves can reach a great height, which provides attractive and spirituality into space. If given the chance, we can introduce a sober pond, shallow and marked by straight lines that can extend across the garden as a decorative space where the play of light that are reflected in this note. We can also introduce a way with materials beside the pond clear tones, as a way to give light and space to stay.


Uses plants as sober as bamboo

We can play with levels, if the garden counts with various heights, and provide transitions by edges and geometric shapes from one to another. We can decorate an area of ​​more urban form with a solarium or a low table and sofas to read, listen to music or relax; and the other, more natural, with some erillas of plants, grass and natural elements that give a sense of peace and serenity. A good option is to leave any visible brick wall with the front and put some more striking and stylized plant. In this way, we will offer an original contrast. The idea is to create an image, leaving the garden, which give a sense of order, simplicity, elegance and beauty.


Minimalism in black and white

Another excellent suggestion is do you decorate your garden using a minimalist color range of gray scales with brush strokes in black and white as colors ends of the range of employees. The idea is to create spaces that are more aesthetic, while simple, cozy and enveloping, to spend important moments of your life. To do this, you can use a grayish tone, to decorate the walls of the garden, and include plants in specific areas, such as guardrails or erillas cement, where you can put, for example, different types of cactus or some Bromeliads with its showy flowers. They introduce an interesting contrast. The fact of using a darker hue will be very beneficial for our plants, as this will prevent them reflect light and the blades are damaged. Especially when the days are hot, as in summer. We can use a small furniture in shades of gray. For example, combining a rustic table with chairs aged wooden contemporary design in black and white. As decoration, we can include in the table a small bonsai and some other plant with their respective brackets in white or black. With these shades you get a neutral, modern and minimalist, which will highlight the vegetation in a very original way. You can even enter a grill or barbecue and hide under a cement gray furniture and wooden doors painted in black on a background of gray bricks. You can also prepare a relaxation area with several poufs in gray hang on the wall at times when they are not used. Simple and minimalist way you get to create a garden with its own style and design.

Include in the table a small bonsai


minimalist garden of small dimensions

Many minimalist gardens have, as its main feature, its small size, valid to create intimate and private spaces. Therefore, you need not fear, if your garden has small dimensions, as this will allow you to create a harmonious, elegant and very pleasant space, where you can take care of every detail. And the serenity and harmony are not incompatible with the space. Therefore, you can create a modern garden right in the city and small dimensions. We recommend that you play with the spaces to give a sense of depth, marking the indoor and outdoor environments very well and including a refreshing element. For example, a small fountain attached to the wall and pour the water into sheet form. You can also make small cobblestones to give more perspective, as a way; or a tree in a corner, to show luxuriance and the illusion of having a minibosque inner city. This will get placed in different walls creepers and lush ferns, which will cover the walls and give a feeling of being in a completely green space.




We can even convert our patio or small garden in a sort of extension of our home living. This is particularly suitable for interior courtyards and open areas inside the house. This type of rooms offers the double games outdoors. For this, you need to include a sliding glass door as a way to separate the inside from the outside, and you adapt the latter through a concrete floor or wood, some bank design and comfortable chairs to spend here your leisure time and rest .


10 ideas to create your minimalist garden

1. Distribution of spaces
An interesting option is to organize the different spaces from concrete paths, like large tiles.


2. Decoration
It incorporates steel parts through sculptures of various sizes, as part of the structure or item of furniture.


3. Lawn
The lawn can not miss in your minimalist garden and should be taken care of to provide balance, simplicity and harmony. One tip is to delimités some space across the lawn.


4. Wood Terraces
You can also use as a way to define different spaces and contours of your garden, wooden decks, through sheets of aged wood in grayish brown.

Wooden terraces

5. Uses of Water
To bring freshness and balance, including, if you have room, where a pond elongated enter concrete walks. We can create a sheet of water to see it reflected in the different elements.

6. Materials
Some essential materials in our garden are minimalist wood (both ground and in some banks, walls and erillas) and rocks and stones in white or black tones, we will introduce in flowerbeds and as a base for trees and plants. We can combine different materials for the walls. For example, a stone, alternating with the following wood, reeds or concrete.

7. The lighting
This aspect is fundamental and can completely change the vision of that space. It should be smooth and capable of enhancing the beauty, harmony and magnificence of our garden. We must avoid excessively strong and strident lights and try to create intimate, orange and soft environments. Especially at dinners and evening meetings.

8. Plants
We must use different plants to decorate the erillas and plant areas. These can be slow growing to always maintain balance and harmony. For example, yew, boxwood hedges, vines or bamboo species. We can include any area of ​​aromatic and other plants used in Japanese gardens. an isolated tree is also very decorative. Large plants placed in the foreground and smaller leaves in the background (to give an impression of depth).

9. Forms and volumes
A very original idea is to include geometric shapes such as changes in levels, steps and contrasting materials. A game with straight, sharp and profound ways. The maximum of all minimalist garden is the idea of ​​evoking geometry, harmony, balance, tranquility and purity.

10. furniture
Furniture should be present, but in a subtle way. We use materials like wood (for benches and tables) and mixing them with other contemporary design chairs and loungers. For example, undulating and sinuous shapes.

In short, manages to create your minimalist, exclusive and modern with the help of specialists MINKA Houses garden. You will discover the great potential of this nice, peaceful and relaxing space where you spend special moments of your life.

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