The MINKA Method: you discover the secret that has earned him the 2016 prize Cambra

current design, and closed tight budgets and speed in the building are the three pillars that characterize the system MINKA Houses, a method of building custom homes designed by renowned architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, Study JEEV Architecture. This method has as main material wood (wood structure contralaminada technology) offering flexibility and facilities. For innovation and originality, Terrassa Chamber of Commerce has awarded the 2016 Cambra Prize, pointing the right direction in which the company evolves.



The proposal MINKA Houses is an option that is gaining adherents in Spain, where thick wooden structures for manufactured housing have been slow to gain a foothold against the prevailing brick. However, they are the most demanded options in countries like the United States, Canada or Japan, where 90% of family is committed to this type of material, more flexible and environmentally friendly, as we see in many foreign television programs real estate and decor. If you're thinking of building a house on your land, this is an option that you should bear in mind. You will be amazed all the advantages that can offer treated wood in energy efficiency, design and construction time.


Just look at the kind of designs for modern homes offered by this study to convince you. In this video, you can see the seat where JEEV Architecture works in San Cugat del Valles, as well as some examples of both houses under construction as completed. The objectives of the study has very clear its director, Joan Enric Ejarque, who can see in the video explaining them. "In the study we are trying to get out the soul and essence of each client, each person, and turn it into your home, try the whole process is easy and quick process and ultimately achieve happiness of all customers . That's what makes MINKA every day, "says the creator of the video MINKA prepared to celebrate receiving the prize.



At the forefront of design

The first thing we highlight the MINKA method is its style. The designs are attractive and unique, but above all, functional. A perfect fusion of art, originality and needs coverage that offers open spaces, intelligent layouts, interior-exterior communication and maximization of natural light. To all this we add the high quality finishes and noble materials such as steel, wood, glass or stone, including in closed budgets.


The houses are custom-made, following the lifestyle of each of the inhabitants, so you can pick up the smallest detail and without prejudice to increase the waiting time to move, or the price we pay for them once the project is closed.

No house is like another: all designs are exclusive and designed for the customer, with the guarantee of satisfaction they bring 20 years of occupation of the study.



Budgets without surprises

One of the scariest points to future homeowners when embarking on a project like this, is that budgets soar once started the works. Where were 2 are now 4 and, in the end, total accounts have doubled, surprise after surprise. That will not happen with projects Minka JEEV Houses of Architecture. The final price is guaranteed from the budget phase and closed before starting work in your home.


The surface of the house determines the price: just choose square meters can close a guaranteed price until the end of the work. Frights zero, zero unpleasant surprises.


It's not magic, MINKA method has systemized way of working to save costs and can bring home with high quality finishes at competitive prices. Prices range between 1,600 and 1,350 euros per square meter, descend the amount / m2 by increasing the number of meters constructed. A more meters, more workweeks. Thus, a house of 200 meters built on our land would take 20 weeks to be ready to move into and would be priced at approximately just over 300,000 euros.



Construction in record time: between 4 and 8 months

The systematization of MINKA method reduces construction time. Always depending on the surface, MINKA houses Houses can be ready to work 4-8 ​​months (the difference between 100 and 600 meters), from the granting of the building permit.


The project is divided into four phases. A first design, in which the plans according to the needs and dreams of the customer are made. The second is the construction of an assembly of the wooden structure CLT and execution of the work. Then comes the moment of finishes chosen by the customer (you can choose between different brands and finishes for floors, kitchens and bathrooms). Finally, would only supervision to ensure the quality and safety of the project. The fifth phase would find outside those months of construction: it is that of 'enjoy throughout a lifetime of a dream home !!!

Sustainable, ecological ... adapted to the times

Every day we are more people who care about taking care of the planet on which we live. Are undoubtedly the major political decisions that most impact. However, small individual gestures that can each can also make a difference. The MINKA method can not turn our backs on reality and, therefore, is committed to the environment system. Most of the materials used in homes are organic or come from sustainable farms.

The wood comes from sustainable forests of pine and fir (including trees) of northern and central Europe destined to become wood technology of this type of houses. Natural wood is impregnated with fungicides and is pressure-treated to obtain a resistant and insulating material, which ensures a more comfortable and quieter than traditional space. The houses will surprise not only for its modern design, but also do so on the forefront of their technologies with tiled water radiant heating.

Their commitment does not end here. The construction phase is not only sustainable, because the houses are built for efficient consumption and grades between A and B, which ensures up to 60% savings on heating and cooling compared to traditional brick and cement houses.

Endorsed by the 2016 Cambra Award

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services has awarded the Cambra Terrassa 2016 "Mirem endavant" Award Millor i Serveis Trade Initiative (Best Business Initiative and Services) to MINKA Houses for innovation and dynamism. The draft JEEV Architecture has impressed the jury this year for its commitment to sustainability and social and economic engagement with contemporary reality. He also stressed, this system of building luxury homes, its originality.

The award ceremony took place on June 15 at the hotel Qgat Sant Cugat del Valles, which is also based JEEV architecture. A 130 edition was attended by over 500 entrepreneurs and institutional representatives and personalities from politics and Catalan economy, among which was the presence in the act of the current president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó. The president noted in his speech that economic growth and confidence that get companies like the 12 highlighted in the event serves to reduce inequalities that exist in the territory in times of crisis.

This recognition attests to the good work and enthusiasm that Joan Enric Ejarque and his team have put in Minka Houses project and guarantees the quality and commitment with which they work.

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