What you should know before buying a house design in the Maresme

Buy modern houses and, moreover, are custom homes in El Maresme, it is a desire that can see fulfilled. However, you should pay attention to what, in this text, you are going to tell because they do not want to give you for a ride. In this sense, the philosophy of MINKA HOUSES will adapt like a glove to your needs. But we'll explain it slowly.



The Maresme: some context



Surely you've heard of Maresme, but before entering into flour, worth giving some context data on this region of the province of Barcelona. First, you must know that this area is known, in terms of tourism, as Costa Maresme. And its long coastline and proximity to the city of Barcelona (which becomes stuck) make the Maresme in a particularly appetizing to live, with a first and second residence area.


In fact, we can give you the names of some of his most famous municipalities, which are sure you will sound: Mataró, Calella, Arenys de Mar, Premia de Mar ... Therefore, there are more than enough reasons to assess the contribution that can reach a house in El Maresme.







How is the situation



The situation is that some technical word that we often express how is a situation, in this case, of urbanism in the Maresme region. And in this situation, we must say that the situation requires some analysis. Otherwise, if you rush, you could get to make decisions that then you might regret. We refer to that as you can imagine, the structural economic crisis (but with a strong real estate component, the bubble) Spain has gone through since 2008 has also had an impact on urban planning Maresme. In this regard, we are particularly interested in the context of buying and selling homes in this tourist area. And in a way, they continue to pay the consequences of having built for some years, more homes than in some of the most important countries of Europe together.






As you could figure, it was impossible to output a quantity of such high housing that could not be absorbed by the market. With more difficulties, if possible, if you consider that inflated prices put on sale. What, therefore, the consequences related to this situation we have to value? So basically, if you are committed to buy modern houses or design houses, we expect that most providers will continue to demand prices that may not compensate us, because Maresme is a tourist and prestigious district.





If, on the other hand, we want to bet on the second hand market (ie, of existing homes -in owned or rent-), beyond the price we will encounter some problems concerning what, at present, we can consider as modern. You have to be clear that they do not exist-nor in the Maresme- modern houses for sale, since it is impossible that what takes a long time have a built architectural lines that fit what today we call modern. In fact, some aspects of these second-hand homes are going to look directly vintage.

Therefore, an ideal opportunity to buy a home with the best features at a price adjusted to your budget and is in line with current trends in construction, is betting on projects offers MINKA HOUSES .



MINKA HOUSES: the security of a method


Indeed, the leaders of the firm MINKA HOUSES know well what to expect when working in El Maresme it is. Not surprisingly, its founder, Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, is Catalan and much of the success and the projection of the company has been achieved thanks to the work done in various areas of Catalonia. Especially in the regions that form the province of Barcelona, ​​which stands out for its high concentrations of population, economic activity and intense dense communications networks.





Consequently, those responsible for MINKA HOUSES know the ground they walk on. Without going any further, they have had great recognition some of the homes that have been built in nearby areas, such as the Vallès area. thou shalt not have doubts therefore that interests you opt for the alternative offer MINKA HOUSES and Logical Evolution method. In MINKA HOUSES they know, better than anyone, how to promote the right mix between a house in a coastal area and urban environment. That is, with the characteristics of their surroundings lines without losing a bit of modernity and comfort. And the MINKA HOUSES method, besides results in line with your expectations, allows you to see these results in a really short period of time.





Read on, and you're interested in what you are going to tell. Today, you can tell the workers of the company that serve you how you want the house you will enjoy as if you were writing a kind of letter to the Magi. One month to month and a half long will the process of designing housing. A process in which you can participate and contribute your suggestions and in which all relevant details will be refined. After month and a half or two months, you'll see how the project takes shape, as they begin to implement the first steps and structure is responsible. A week will be required to assemble the structure on the ground. And within four months after the whole house will be built, including finishes without modifications that give you unexpected shocks or quebraderos head.


In addition, this process is developed with the maximum guarantees in your favor because MINKA HOUSES undertakes to respect the conditions and deadlines set. In fact, you can see how, with the mere introduction of square meters of the surface of your dream home on the web of MINKA HOUSES, you will receive a budget that fits your financial situation.

The great advantages of choosing MINKA HOUSES as a builder of your house

There are many more benefits associated with choosing MINKA HOUSES for the house of your dreams see the light. Besides the ability to build housing in record time and security that gives you know that you can trust a closed 0 minute budget are as follows:

Exclusive design

The possibility of participating in the design process of your home is something that also distinguishes MINKA HOUSES other companies involved in construction. In this way, you can enjoy both the advice of real professionals in the field as the legitimate aspiration of the project of your home as possible to what you want in your imaginations approaches. Consequently, you can achieve a home that is unique and which elements that provide it with most of the customizations are introduced. That is, you get a house that closely resembles the owner, who is one of the most desirable and ambitious goals. And besides, you'll be able to enjoy finishes made of noble materials. And that MINKA HOUSES only works with quality suppliers in areas as diverse as structures, facades and coatings.

Modernity is at your fingertips

I discussed, above, that builds homes MINKA HOUSES are perfectly adapted to the needs of modern life. It will cost check and, in fact, you can take a look at some of the projects that are already in full use. In short, there is something very recognizable in all spaces MINKA HOUSES stands up and is a great connection between exterior and interior, ie between nature and housing is achieved. In MINKA HOUSES much care forms and these are very pure volumes. Natural light also plays a fundamental role and tends to maximize spaces and sensations. And some noble materials (especially glass, steel, stone and wood) are a must. Finally, the result is an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. Distribution is key and fit the avant-garde lines with the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Sustainability and efficiency

In line with the original minkas, Japanese, these homes stand out for the use of natural materials and made by sustainable means. In this aspect, wood is the undisputed star. And its insulating capability will enable maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Energy savings, thus, be worth what you consider and systems are used with grades A and B.

In short, MINKA HOUSES is the ideal solution in terms of design houses in El Maresme.

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