Why Minka Houses and design houses are your best choice?

The home is a sanctuary where daily life, family and desires of people who live focus. It is the place where you and your family find yourselves insurance, your refuge. Therefore, it must be a nice, convenient, comfortable and with style, design and distribution own space to be different from the rest. For these reasons, when choosing a home, it is important to assess all concepts and that suits all your needs and those of your family.


It meets the needs of your people


Today, and knowing full well the latest market trends, you can get the home you've always wanted to live: cozy, with the original architecture and to your liking. The concept of housing Minka Houses is unique and the original one hundred percent. Modern houses and your measure, proportionate, stylish, at an unbeatable price with one goal: to make your life more comfortable in all aspects.




The revolution in housing

The construction of the home of your dreams is coming, because Minka Houses has revolutionized the concept of housing as with closed since the first minute and adjusted to the needs of each price, and delivery in just six months license working. A home with great detail, made to measure and guarantee high standing at a competitive price.


MinkaHouses is designed by architect Enric Ejarque Joan Velazquez and his studio concept Jeev Architecture . His philosophy is to create unique homes, open, with a great connection between interior and exterior; made with high quality materials, sustainable and environmentally friendly; functional and aesthetic, resulting in different sensations, volumes and original forms and comfort above all.


That said, let 's make a comparison with other structures to discover all the advantages offered Minka houses:







Minka houses and traditional construction

The Minka Houses are design houses that meet all legal requirements and are home to which all want to return. In addition, living in them has advantages over traditional construction. Like the houses of traditional work, the Houses Minka are made after pose a unique design and custom and structural freedom remains total for both cases. From here come the advantages Jeev study Architecture and its new model:


exclusive design


Finishes high standing, as happened in the house of traditional work, come with Minka Houses in full. The work is contracted from the first day with a price closed until the end; It was also tracks avoiding unexpected. The average time it takes to build a house of this type is six months after the building permit granted, and commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, values ​​that are increasingly more important in the world in which we live . It is building a new model that uses the contralaminada structural wood, a material that is slowly gaining weight in all kinds of architectural constructions.



Minka houses and prefabricated concrete

The revolutionary construction system of modern houses with solid wood structure with custom designs and prices closed tight has great advantages over prefabricated concrete houses:


Unlike prefabricated concrete houses, the Houses Minka feature a unique design as structural and total freedom, mainly highlighting its luminosity, its airy and open spaces, and exceptional geometry. In addition, the price includes top-quality finishes that provide a greater incentive to our house.


The construction time of the Houses Minka is on average six months, as in the case of prefabricated concrete houses. In both cases we have closed budgets from the zero point, which will avoid any unpleasant surprises.


closed budgets


In addition, Minka Houses have more sustainability prefabricated concrete houses because of the materials used in their manufacture. Both concrete and wood are materials with high energy efficiency, so a Minka Houses matches in this section to prefabricated concrete houses.



Minka houses and light frame

Houses Minka offers houses with wooden structure tailored to the client. It's not about manufactured homes well known; but houses with a structural system of laminated timber (CLT), where premium both scalability and exclusivity in design.


The architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velazquez has devised a unique system for the construction of wooden houses putting traditional, typical Canadian building houses light system half-timbered in check. Not only is the exclusive wood from Scandinavia and northern Europe what characterizes Minka Houses, but its exclusive system: total freedom of structure for design and construction.


Houses Minka shares qualities with prefabricated wooden houses light a fixed price, rapid construction time or sustainability and energy efficiency of typical wooden houses framing.

But if there is something you can not do gala prefabricated houses is the total freedom that wields Minka structural Houses in design and construction, so listen to customers and satisfy their desires is to Minka Houses your priority. However, Minka Houses is the best choice for those who want a home custom-designed and made based on the most noble material and high quality that exists: wood.

Minka houses and modular wooden

Upscale houses designed with Minka system offer advantages which do not enjoy modular wooden houses, such as the unique design. The Houses Minka also have full structural freedom, which do not enjoy modular wooden houses.

wooden constructions

The closed from the zero point, price is a feature included in both concepts of home. This means great peace of mind as it ensures that the price of housing is not going to vary from contract signature.

A time average of six months, construction is another major advantage of the two types of housing benefit.

It is, in both cases, proven project sustainability and high energy efficiency, contributing to that are highly environmentally friendly products.

In short, Minka Houses enjoy all the advantages of modular wooden houses, and add others that bring added value, and therefore make them the best choice.

Minka houses and the environment

The environment is everyone's responsibility. It is therefore essential that the homes are built with sustainable or ecological, environmentally friendly materials with the environment and also involve energy savings thank the pocket. Responsible consumption is always a sign of saving and thus, we all win.

Also, if the final price is guaranteed from the beginning, as in the case of households Minka Houses, there will be no price increases last minute unforeseen and unpleasant. All this thanks to the systematization of work that minimizes time building your future home.


You can be the star of this whole dream. You can devise the perfect home, to your liking, with the original finishes you can imagine. You can choose the spaces, volumes, shapes and design of each corner. Just move your dream Minka Houses and they will create for you. Always be attentive to your needs and will not hesitate to give that one note to your home. Let your imagination and change of scenery with homes Minka Houses.

Houses of high standing, with exclusive finishes and great sustainability, to feel that everything around you is taken care of and pampered to detail. If you go to purchase a property, do not hesitate and make the dream of living in a personalized space, custom built just for you and yours. Trust the professionalism of Minka Houses and notice the difference.

quality finishes

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