Wooden houses: A walk through history

Today enjoy a personalized wooden house even in urban areas is possible thanks to projects like Minka Houses , which has adopted this material to build efficient and sustainable homes in record time. However, the wooden houses are part of the heritage of many cultures around the world also they fell surrendered to the advantages of this material. In this article we will take a virtual walk through the history of wooden houses through different civilizations and tribes on the planet to learn about this resource that nature offers us.



wooden house


wooden house Minka

Photo: Minka Houses of Jeev Architecture



1. Korowai Tribe New Guinea

In a leafy forest of southeastern Papua lies the Korowai, totally away from the world tribe. This small family society lives in the countryside in wooden buildings that can measure up to 35 meters high. The houses are built above the trees, next to each other and serve to protect families of insects in the area, as well as other dangers and superstitions. The tribe was discovered in 1974 by a Dutch missionary and continues to have minimal contact with the rest of the world.



traditional house

Photo: http://www.amusingplanet.com/



2. Maloca, Amazonas (Brazil)

The Maloca are ancestral communal houses of the Amazon region, now part of Brazil. These houses are still inhabited by indigenous populations, using materials such as eucalyptus wood to build houses where live large whole families.

wooden house

Photo: Paulo Roberto, via http://casasincreibles.com/

3. Izba, traditional Russian houses

The wood was used not only in countries south of the continent, but well north also made use of this material. This is the case in rural areas of Russia, which still preserve a picturesque landscape populated by Izba, Russian traditional houses built with wooden planks held together by ropes. The people of the Izba used to place a large stove in the center of these houses, one surface to be heated during the cold and long winters.

Russian wooden house

Photo: Andrea via http://casasincreibles.com/

4. Trelleborg houses, typical houses of the Viking peoples of Scandinavia

Following in the northern hemisphere are the Trelleborg houses, built by the Vikings to shelter from the cold temperatures in Scandinavia. Like their boats, they used to have an oval shape and nourish them with thick wooden pillars. These houses formed whole villages that housed families with their pets. Thus, it was common to have the barn next to the house.

Scandinavian wooden house

wooden house scandi

Photo: Trelleborg house via http://www.vikingdenmark.com/viking-houses-architecture-inside-layout.html

5. Minka, traditional Japanese houses

And finally, we could not ignore the traditional houses Minka, inspiration of the Houses Minka architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez. This is the traditional houses of farmers and craftsmen Japanese with a very characteristic structure of triangular high ceilings supported by large wooden beams that cross each other, replacing the classical pillars. minka villages still exist in Japan surrounded by a privileged environment that are worth visiting.

Traditional house minka

Japanese traditional house

Photo: Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez

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