You can close accurately budget for a new house?

The current building systems, whether for luxury homes or simple dwellings are not suitable for our times. In addition, it happens very often that, when starting an architectural project, the work ends up costing more than expected at the beginning, as the costs multiply, the contract terms are changed or improvements that end up being a waste of time and money running .



Furthermore, the design of existing homes has not changed too. We can see how many of them do not fit the modern lifestyle and are neither efficient nor sustainable with respect to the environment. Therefore, modern houses are not, in every way, and we need an improvement that catches up.



Minka budget


MINKA HOUSES The project aims to create spectacular houses, which also characterized by its beauty, are comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly. As if that were not enough, its performance is much faster than usual and responds to our real needs.




How does the home MINKA HOUSES arise?


The study JEEV Architecture born of restlessness and ambition of visionary architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, more than 18 years ago, in Catalonia. The team Jeev Architecture, study devoted to projects Planning, Interior Design & Architecture, worked since then to offer the unique and exclusive home market. HOUSES MINKA born in 2014, a system of building houses innovative and daring, never seen before. The project goal is to create proposals kept to the smallest detail, where the use of different materials and colors get unique and personalized spaces, according to the client's interests. Spectacular houses characterized by energy efficiency and a clear modernity. The houses are a bet MINKA HOUSES unsurpassed for many reasons (investment, delivery, care of the environment, convenience), but all can be summarized in one concept: are the future in the real estate field.



modern houses



The real achievement of Joan Enric Ejarque MINKA HOUSES Velazquez is the fact of having taken a 360 degree turn to the construction. He and his team have managed to create a new way of building, with noble materials, they project their works to the greatest exponent. A method that allows to know the final price and the delivery of housing from the zero point.




What is the method MINKA HOUSES?


MINKA HOUSES The method is very simple and quick, as all business processes. Now, with great detail, what steps define the process of futuristic building created by Joan Enric.


1. At first, the person concerned must explain in detail how is your lifestyle and the family and, therefore, what use are or will be the home you want to have. Thus, the design team can know what to offer.


2. The budget is obtained within 20 seconds . Prices are clear, from the first moment, because the system is simple and has no mystery.


3. Next, prepare a basic project and design details of the house are defined. The house interested in participating in this process and indicates which finishes are to your liking and what details would be included in the design of the house. Up to this point, there may be last, at most, a month or month and a half.


4. Within six weeks or so, the project will have taken shape. The team of architects makes the final project and the structure is responsible to the supplier.


5. In one week, the structure is mounted in the ground. When the structure has been assembled, the time of construction of the house is four months and after this period, the person can move in, right then, to the house you requested.


Compared to other systems, as we see, time is very small, the price remains immovable and the process is much simpler.



closed budget



What defines a house MINKA HOUSES?


Houses HOUSES MINKA defined themselves as looking to the future through its specific characteristics, which make them the best choice.


They are unique homes

HOUSES MINKA houses have a house style that integrates with the environment. They have good communication between indoors and outdoors and this makes them irreplaceable spaces. In addition, they are characterized by volumes and materials such as steel, stone and glass. It is also used for its construction wood, but not light frame. Natural light is controlled very well in these houses, where everything is very well thought out to create harmonious environments.



They are practical

As we mentioned at the beginning, modernity is felt in every corner of a house MINKA HOUSES, as indeed are houses created thinking about the present lifestyle. The distributions are clearly functional and have a high aesthetic appeal, by the play of volumes. The environments are pioneering and have high quality finishes, which makes them luxury homes.



They are unrepeatable

HOUSES MINKA houses are custom designed. Joan Enric, as a visionary of modern architecture, understood that each person has their own desires and therefore each house must be tailored to its owner.



unique homes


The budget is closed

When a quote is requested, it is guaranteed. The only thing you should know is the area of ​​the house that is requested. All processes are controlled altemente and, for that reason, the price of a house is always kept MINKA HOUSES. It does not happen as in the conventional construction, a sector in which prices may be altered during the construction project.

Construction is fast

In six months, you can have a house MINKA HOUSES luxury. Compared to other (traditional, prefabricated concrete, light or modular half-timbered) constructions, construction time is much lower.

They are sustainable homes

Existing homes must be responsible with the environment. The materials come from organic and sustainable farms. CLT wood technology is the basis of the structure of the house MINKA HOUSES and has great weather resistance and durability.

They are safe houses

The timber is subjected to protective treatments that offer greater fire resistance than a metal frame, for example. Furthermore, they absorb humidity and electromagnetic fields do not alter.

safe houses

They offer a high level of comfort

Comfortable spaces in every way. The structure is up to five times quieter than a house of bricks or concrete, allowing the house to be more quiet and comfortable. In addition, the low thermal conductivity of wood, housing is maintained at a good temperature in both summer and winter.

In short, what distinguishes a house MINKA HOUSES?

HOUSES MINKA houses are energy efficient, have a fixed price and the process allows saving time and money. But also in design, there are no limitations. The designs are exclusive and finished to the highest quality.

All this makes the houses HOUSES MINKA the best option: luxury homes, environmentally responsible, safe, unique and suited to your lifestyle. No delays or endless waiting. It is possible to have the home of your dreams.

Do not hesitate to contact MINKA HOUSES .

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