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La Cité du Vin, discover the theme park of the wine

Cité du Vin, a unique and wonderful place located in Bordeaux and able to offer thousands of experiences, all of them with wine as a thread. Read more

Luxury hotels perfect for skiing

It's here the winter and with it comes the cold, snow and skiing! Take advantage of these holidays to enjoy luxury hotels in the mountains Read more

Indoor swimming pools in design houses that will inspire you to have one

Who would not want to continue to be given the pleasure of swimming in a pool like summer but being in the middle of winter? Here are some ideas Read more

Are wooden houses more susceptible to fire?

The tradition of building brick houses in Spain and the opinion of some builders have spread among the people the misconception that wooden houses can be dangerous, because this material is more fragile and even more likely to suffer fire that rest. But that is far from reality, since treatments fire protection that apply to this type of housing offers a very high level of security and large guarantees that your home will endure the effects caused by fire. We expose some of the reasons. Read more

Luxury jewelry and its history

Delve into our tour of the most famous jewels, outstanding jewels in history. One way to do a review of some famous people, curiosities and eccentricities of lives themselves available to few. Read more

What are the most impressive in the world Apple Stores?

Apple is a brand that has always set the trend with all its products. And it is that a fundamental characteristic representing the apple company has been designing its products, which has led to differentiate it from its competitors and go one step ahead of them. Thus, users have associated that Apple and design are one thing. However, Apple's pioneering vision goes beyond well-designed products ... Read more

Unique Travel: 3 luxury trains

There are trains for everyone. From that small convoy flowing reduced by narrow roads between towns close to other great classics trains travel long distances and communicate sometimes different countries speed. But today we want to make a point in a special type of trains that represent, in themselves, an experience that surely never will forget: luxury trains. Read more

5 exclusive holiday destinations

We will teach some of the selected places that we recommend enjoy at least once in life. Read more

The homes of the future are already in Dubai

Would you like to live not only the sea, but also within it? The Seahorse Floating proyectoThe in Dubai, not suitable for people with claustrophobia born with this philosophy, the total peace that offer the seabed. Read more

News that has left us BOOT Düsseldorf Boat Show 2016

For nine days, the BOOT fair in the German city of Düsseldorf has again fulfilled their expectations by bringing together the best companies, brands and marine industry professionals worldwide Read more

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