5 exclusive holiday destinations

Holidays are dates dreamed by all, year after year, and each one takes them as he can. There are popular destinations and others that are less so. Some typical and topics and others are more original. Some exquisite and others who seem most common. And more affordable. And other more exclusive. And a few even more exclusive.



We will not pretend to induce him to go to the most exclusive places in the world (those only are available to billionaires, like the Seychelles or the most absurdly expensive hotels in Dubai) but we will teach you some of the finest places we recommend you enjoy, at least once in life.





They preferred by VIPs destinations are usually in the most exotic area. Myanmar, India, Japan, Sri Lanka ... and also Thailand , Southeast Asian country that attracts all eyes. At 1.000 euros per person you can spend several days enjoying the vibrant Bangkok, its white beaches and ancient temples.






Moscow (Russia)


The capital before the USSR is now a city full of luxuries and in which the wealthy travelers around the world have found a surprising new Mecca. Imperial palaces, churches and cathedrals, museums, restaurants and hotels in the highest regard ... Moscow and other major Russian cities, including St. Petersburg, may be their destination, from 1.000 euros per week ... and then up.






Tuscany (Italy)


An unexpected destination lists fancier places. In this case, the luxury of tranquility, vineyards and Italian good life. Needless to influence the cultural and monumental majestic destination is Italy and Tuscany , the most expensive in the country of the boot region is a good example of this. You can enjoy a week in Tuscany from 3.000 euros per person ... only accommodation.






Golden Eye Resort (Jamaica)


Jamaica is a country of contrasts, but if you want to take a vacation luxury, certainly not be disappointed here: pristine beaches, sun, tranquility and partying and music. In this resort , Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels. The cheapest rooms are from 350 euros per night. And Ian Fleming Villa ... for 5.000 euros.






Segera Retreat (Kenya)


A huge sanctuary for eco-chic vacation that add exclusivity and wild nature. Safaris, dreamy sunsets and luxurious African art in six private villas from which to see the elephants, get a massage or relax in the bathtub. All the comforts of a magical setting. From 1.000 euros per person per night.






There are many other dream destinations and luxury in the world. Which one you like?








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