La Cité du Vin, discover the theme park of the wine

Any lover of wine and food self-respecting should visit at least once in life the magnificent Cité du Vin, a unique and wonderful place located in Bordeaux and able to offer thousands of different experiences, all of them with wine as thread driver. We invite you to discover a space designed to get into the wine culture through its history, typology or features. But on this tour, not only will plunge into the wine culture, but will experience unique sensations that will take you to see it as a real way of life. Visiting the city of Bordeaux wine will offer the option to enjoy their wide range of leisure and entertainment, ranging from numerous exhibitions and shows, through stores designed to provide this essential product, as well as numerous restaurants and boutiques that will unlock its essence, history and evolution while seduces your palate with aromas and delicious and surprising flavors.


Bordeaux, the place chosen to place the Cité du Vin

The city of Bordeaux is a wonderful destination that offers many leisure options, tourism and leisure, because it has a really impressive architectural and urban heritage. This city is able to count more than 350 buildings that are on the list of historical monuments and 3 of them in the Unesco World Heritage. It also offers magnificent neighborhoods that loitering as its beautiful neighborhood of Saint Pierre or a culture of visible water in its many sources and large suppliers, through its river cruises and gardens with ponds. In this beautiful French corner you will also have the opportunity to discover art and culture in its various museums or in its Grand Theatre. we can not forget, if we want to meet Bordeaux background, take a tour of its magnificent wineries through various routes to sample their delicious wines. These, with a quality and extraordinary flavors, permeating every aspect of life bordelaise.



What is the Cité du Vin

Wine is now part of our cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage, but also universal and is alive. Therefore, right in the city of Bordeaux, near the bridge Chaban Delmas, an incomparable work done by the agency Architects XTU architects by Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières it was built. We talked about the only infrastructure that exists worldwide that offers the possibility of carrying out an unforgettable and unique journey around the world through different times and different cultures to know and admire the wine universe. To do this, you have a wide open offer to anyone, that is, from different countries, families with children, people with disabilities, and all thanks to its vocation to be understood universally, its travel guides available in up to 8 languages ​​or accessibility offered by trilingual signs. A unique adventure, suitable for all audiences, where you will feel overwhelmed and impressed. His interest lies in being able to see a gnarled Evoking the strain in the vineyard, wine movement to move the cup or even authentic swirls Garonne.


A true architectural paradise



One of its most attractive features is its architecture, its forms and dimensions make it an impressive building worth seeing. It is a structure that does not seek to resemble any other building that exists, because their motivation is to become a true 'evocation of the soul of wine, between river and city' XTU the agency itself. It is striking for its gold and silver plates as well as its striking structure that is capable of achieving the eight floors, making it the highest building throughout the city. This space extends over about 13,350 m2, and is organized around 10 different levels between the tower and the bull. Its exterior shape, presented in a round shape, is expressed in large spaces and volumes that it owns, and that just gives a sense of sinuosity, movement and continuous and uninterrupted flow. With respect to the arrow, gets clawing the sky of Bordeaux thanks to its high altitude, which reaches 55 meters. And all this, achieving harmonious dimensions that are able to control the environmental impact that could cause such building. Finally, the space is known as the bull has a huge wooden vault that will remind the frame that often have boats.


What you can discover and visit in the City of Wine

One of the strengths of this huge theme park is a permanent route, you can visit on its second floor, which enjoy an authentic journey through time and space to meet such a basic and fundamental product in our societies as the wine. And, through its route can be understood in its different aspects, which go far beyond the purely gastronomic offer knowledge of their own culture, heritage, civilization and ultimately, the universal history of mankind .



On this trip you can enjoy 19 thematic modules that extend over more than 3,000 square meters and have a digital tool that will accompany you as a travel guide throughout the visit, to discover yourself totally personalized way each secrets that hides this magnificent space. In addition, you can also enjoy a wide variety of audiovisual productions, with more than 10 hours of content related to this delicious delicacy worthy of the gods.


Throughout this trip you will have the advice and support of almost 100 experts, who will be at your disposal to explain the different rooms, but also can enjoy the knowledge offered qualified personnel through numerous interviews that support the audiovisual content and . They are about two hours of intense journey, although you can choose the type of entry that best suits your needs and preferences, with the option of simple inputs, fertilizers or other countries.


La Cité du Vin, live unforgettable moments

Art is one element that is always present in this magnificent city, and that is, your organization is designed to house two temporary exhibitions each year, located in an area of ​​almost 700 m2 and known as the Hall of Columns. Here these two cultural exhibitions each year will be placed, but also during the summer period can also enjoy another always aimed at a "guest vineyard". Such is the cultural level that houses this magnificent space at all times enjoy numerous artworks of the largest international museums.


The Belvedere, a unique sensory experience

Alongside these exhibitions, the Cité du Vin also offers the possibility to live a unique sensory experience, in his magnificent space known as the Belvedere. Among its more than 35 meters, it will offer not only spectacular panoramic views of the city of Bordeaux and its surroundings, but also the possibility of tasting wines brought from anywhere in the world. Thomas Jefferson in the auditorium you can also enjoy a rich cultural program with concerts, variety of shows and projections. In addition, we challenge you to test your palate in three spaces for tasting by a multisensory immersion process and with different educational workshops for young people who want to enter the world of wine.


On the other hand, you have a wide variety of multi-format works you can see completely free of charge in the reading room that also houses, where discover many aspects of the wine world at your disposal. But if you prefer to consolidate your new knowledge, nothing better than to give you a tour of his shop, a concep modern and innovative store that offers a free-access in its 250 m2, so you can purchase books, gifts, souvenirs and products of series limited, among other things.


We close this magnificent ride in the City of Wine in their restaurant areas as it houses a panoramic restaurant Le 7, and Latitude20, a bar where you can taste wines and tapas from around the world, as it has a winery that exceeds 14000 references and covers more than 80 countries. It also has space for another offer information and booking for various routes through the nearby vineyards, known as Routes du Vin. Do not forget to wander numerous gardens which offer a varied vegetation and gardens where to walk and relax while creating that special and genuine link between us and this universal and fascinating drink.




La Cité du Vin has nothing to do with the traditional theme parks, since it is able to go beyond the traditional leisure activities to become a real experience for your senses, being able to Evoking sensations and unique and unrepeatable moments . Through its 20 thematic areas linked to the wine culture, its varied courses, tours, tasting sessions, shops and restaurants, you can meet and taste flavors from around the world, a tribute to wine, its origin, evolution and fascinating legacy.

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