Vertical gardens, a different alternative for modern houses

Vertical gardens are a new consistent trend in the use of walls, both interior and exterior, in which different supports various culture media which enverdecerán both facades of buildings and walls that so far had a dull appearance placed or obsolete.


Also, this new system in modern architecture is becoming fashionable in large cities, where pollution problems are becoming serious for not accommodated previously green areas, which are very important not only for the oxygen regeneration, but also by the level of stress you are suffering big cities citizen resident.


This in turn, it is assuming that not only people with high socio-economic level or multiple resources are adopting this new system of decoration but many buildings are implementing vertical gardens for the benefits experienced within the homes or offices.



The evolution of architecture

Architecture many times can be likened to different trends each season we provide the windows of the different brands of clothes. Clothing designers are always a source of influence for architects who find in them new nuances to adopt for their creations, always dynamic and able to adapt to new times and new philosophies of life.


And the landscape, thanks to the architecture and its progress, also in a moment of transformation. We live in a time when green spaces are not taken into account too in large and small cities. Hence the important role of architecture that should vindicate the rightful place by law and by right to nature itself.


In this sense, we could say that nature is determined to enter the city or even inside homes and even within companies, invading spaces that were previously allocated to an empty expressionless.



And, the same benefits it can bring nature to human beings can be provided in smaller dimension and inner city without having to travel to any distant point.


We should not put any border nature, but rather hold out bridges to occupy the space it deserves and it deserves in all cities and spaces, these are minimal.



A vertical garden for all budgets

This new ecological proposal is perfectly capable of being carried out by individuals or companies an average economic level, since it is possible to acquire the elements that make up a vertical garden at very low cost.


These said elements with which to make an ecological wall is a metal structure, a panel that acts as support, a layer of irrigation, planting itself, an important nutrient supply and an irrigation system. If you are interested in doing so, you should know that also need other tools, such as a pump to collect excess water and usually remains stuck at the end of each section, but could also be in the lower part of the vertical garden.


There are many materials that can be used and we might call lowcost, for its low cost. With them we could make a vertical garden on the terrace of our house or even inside it, in a wide wall that we know what place appliqué or foil. Although at first may impact the idea, placing a vertical garden it is not as crazy as when we decided to buy a large to place inside container house. It is true that the work would be carried out is more entertaining, but after all, if we have a plant inside we should give it away. Therefore, we use time it is the same as our garden watering occupy us placed on the wall.




Irrigation systems

Many irrigation systems that can be carried out in a vertical garden. It all depends on where it and the opportunities that exist in the environment, or even if this is going to make a professional in the field is installed. If we are to carry out our own project, also it depends on the type of substrate we use to make our garden, because the irrigation system will be simpler or more complex.


If the project we have decided to carry out is a modular system with soil, it becomes easier and proper placement of a drip irrigation system. For it is only accurate placement gums with some openings in certain areas.

Although in truth, the most appropriate is that if you want to make a vertical garden, acudas center nearest you advise genuine DIY and professionals. These we may indicate the thickness of the rubber used for the drip and the material thereof, which hinder watering the garden or facilitate change it.

Also, if we finally opted for the placement of a water pump to collect it at the bottom of our garden, it would be appropriate to seek advice from a professional, as there are bombs aimed at bailing plenty of water and others, a least amount.

However, if our desire is to make a vertical garden at home and do not have enough skill or experience with tools, also may be carried out and watered in the traditional way. This will involve us spend more time in our garden every day, although, depending on the area, could bring us more peace and quiet.

Many advantages

There are many advantages that features a vertical garden as well as many benefits derived from this.

The first advantage to note is that improve oxygen circulation. And there are buildings that lack an appropriate circuit for air to circulate optimally (they say they are sick buildings). Many people who live in them and often get sick throughout the year, either by colds, allergies or even constant headaches. Sick building syndrome may decrease considerably when a vertical garden, as it is provided even more oxygen to the construction and consequently the air circulating inside is placed.

Another attraction of this type of vertical gardens is that many offices, and even homes, which have dispensed with the famous air conditioners or heating systems by isolating these gardens generate, recreating a kind of microclimate inside these spaces.

The emergence of this new system has led to the birth gardens of artists who only engaged in this form of art that has become fashionable in some countries and capitals. They have opted for this new innovation that is revolutionizing modern architecture because of its beauty and the various benefits that entails.

Furthermore, these vertical gardens can pose to the pollution problems of many places where use is prohibited use of vehicles by certain areas. In fact, improve the health of human beings, living in a constant state of stress and pollution that envelops the city.

The truth is that the more cities have grown, more it moved away human nature and its benefits. Therefore, it is very interesting to invite back to nature to return to its place of origin alternative. In this way, man can again enjoy something he resigned when he decided to embark on the construction of large cities.

This is an opportunity to generate an optimal environment back on the streets of cities, with special attention to those who are suffering serious health problems because of pollution. If only half of the buildings of entities placed vertical gardens, pollution levels would be reduced and oxygen would circulate at least a little cleaner.

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