With Minka Houses build a house without surprises in the price and in record time is no longer a utopia

Finally comes time to make the house of your life, that decisive moment. You've been waiting for years, saving everything you have and devoting all your efforts to get the coveted home of your dreams. But what you want it all: quality, running fast, unique design, and at a reasonable price. You start thinking about how to get it and the first thing you think is in the long and tedious process of work execution, in the months you'll have to go hire waiting for you to deliver the house and over, convinced the initial price you have passed the architect and contractor eventually be higher. And at this point you get to an alternative that you had not happened: Minka Houses and its modern houses with a unique architecture design. Now comes the moment of truth.
If you are one of those people who dreams of having a different home, with its own design, quality materials and not die trying, a house Minka could be the perfect solution.



Advantages of Minka Houses


- One of the aspects that can help us to decide is that its price is closed from the time you get the budget. With traditional work all know that at any moment may arise unforeseen needs that require us to increase items and, in the end, may become more expensive the initial budget by up to 20%. In the case of Minka Houses, this not happens because the price is totally bounded from the first test. No more no less.



closed budget



- You can dream about your ideal design and we can do it to measure. The evolution of the designs in the architecture of these modern houses has been exponential. One example is the new system of execution and construction using solid wood laminated structures we use in Minka Houses, based on the construction procedures of the architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez.


- Deviations from the initial project are minimized. And not just in terms of budget, something we obviously concerned, but also at the level of execution. Being from the beginning the project closed, a systemized work helps minimize the times when execution. Everything is parameterised and contemplated, which if we ensure that you will have a nice modern house design in six months, then you can trust that it will. Basically, there are no unpleasant surprises.


- The design is up to you. It is the same as in the construction of life, but without the risks that this entails. You choose the planes, volumes, interior ... And everything with a style, your own. There is not two Minka Houses equal, because each owner adapts to your tastes and needs and Jeev team projects.



you choose your design



- You can choose the meter you want without major complications, depending on your preferences. Yes, the execution times vary; for instance, if you decide on a house from 100 to 200 meters, the length will be about 3 to 4 months. If it is between 200 and 400 meters, you will have to look forward to 4 and 6 months. But if you rush to the pool and the house of your life will be major, 400 to 800 meters, then it will be a maximum of 8 months. A note. You must add the time it takes to get the project approved by the association of architects of your demarcation and other necessary licenses.



Energy efficient homes and sustainable construction


It seems incredible that many of us are still unaware of the importance of doing something good for our planet at this point. We see that when it comes to talking, no problem, generally. We encourage all measures that will maintain our blue planet for future generations. But when the truth, how many actually do the selection of our household waste ? Who, methodically, save energy with daily habits? Well, very few. If you are one of those who really do, that you care sincerely variable environmental sustainability, sure you are interested in these houses. The materials used Minka Houses are sustainable and opt for recycling. In its construction waste as many as in traditional construction are generated, so their impact on the environment is much lower. The structure of the house, built with solid wood laminated, provides great advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, thus saving energy is important.



sustainable and efficient


A team of professionals, Jeev Architecture

All this is only possible thanks to the involvement of a team of professionals who make up Jeev Architecture, a group of experts with new ideas, used to understand the needs and requirements of customers. With a history of over 20 years, they are able to capture in the field the most complex ideas and get the home of your dreams. After listening to your demands, will study your case, you will deliver your project with a closed budget and start the process for an average of 6 months, you finally have your home.


With Minka Houses system have succeeded in uniting the good of traditional construction, such as the creation of unique designs, the choice of all materials and accessories to suit the client or an interior of high standing, with the benefits of prefabricated houses . This is basically irremovable prices from the time you budgeted your project, no scare on the road since being all set from the beginning deviations are avoided, and very, very quickly at the time of execution, reducing several months this phase . In addition to this, a more environmentally friendly and with a result more energy efficient than any other construction work. Let us not forget that it is standardized processes that must pass rigorous quality controls.



jev professionals



Consults .  Minka Houses from Jeev Architecture study will provide quality, price, speed and energy efficiency. More for less.


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