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The MINKA houses are comparable to those manufactured in terms of short construction time and the price absolutely closed and no surprises, but they do not have competence in design. Minka is unique for each client, are designed to measure, enjoy great structural spans and special shapes, plus some luxury finishes. They are environmentally friendly because they use sustainable building materials and are highly efficient, resulting in energy savings.

Prefabricated concrete vs MINKA



Minka Houses is the creator of a revolutionary construction system of modern wooden houses, with designs as tight and fixed prices. Next, we will show a comparative of the  Minka Houses and prefabricated concrete houses:

In contradistinction to prefabricated concrete houses, the  Minka Houses feature a unique design and as full structural freedom. They also include top-quality finishes that provide a greater incentive to our house. The construction time of the  Minka Houses  is six months, as in the case of prefabricated concrete houses.





In both cases we have closed budgets from the zero point, so avoid any unpleasant surprises. In addition, Minka Houses have greater sustainability prefabricated concrete houses because of the materials used in their manufacture. Both concrete and wood are materials with a high energy efficiency, so a Minka Houses in this section equals to prefabricated concrete houses.






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