The advantages of a home MINKA

The MINKA houses combine all the advantages of traditional construction in terms of freedom of design and the best quality finishes. Furthermore, its methodology, saving construction time and have the guaranteed price from the zero point, no surprises. They are environmentally friendly as sustainable construction materials are used and are highly efficient, resulting in energy savings.

Traditional vs MINKA



The chief architect and designer of luxury homes Joan Enric Ejarque Velazquez has now devised a revolutionary system construction of modern houses: it is Minka Houses. These homes meet all legal requirements and are home we would all like to return. Moreover, living in them has advantages over traditional construction. Like the houses of traditional construction, the Minka Houses are performed after uniquely designed and custom, and its structural freedom remains total for both cases. From here come the advantages of studying this architect, Jeev Architecture, and its new model.



Finishes high standing, as happened in the house of traditional work, come with Minka in full. The work is contracted from the first day with a price closed until the end; he also tracks that surpasses all contingencies. The time it takes to build a house of this type is six months and focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, values ​​that are increasingly more important in the world in which we live. It is building a new model that uses structural-laminated wood, a material that is slowly gaining weight in all kinds of architectural constructions.


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