Exclusive houses with luxury finishes

The MINKA houses share some benefits with modular wooden houses. Both are sustainable, energetically efficient, with a fixed price and with a great optimization of the construction process which results in saving time and money. In addition, the MINKA houses are not subject to any limitation in terms of design, absolute freedom and garantee from Jeev Architecture team, allow projects tailored to each client, with diaphanous, exclusive designs and luxury finishes.

Modular Wood vs MINKA



Thanks to their customized designs and their prices closed tight, Minka Houses is the creator of a revolutionary construction system with surprising modern wooden houses.

Upscale houses designed with Minka system, have advantages which are not enjoyed by modular wooden houses, such as the unique design. The Minka Houses also have a full structural freedom, which also enjoy modular wooden houses.

Closed from the begining, price is a feature included in both concepts of home. This means peace of mind, as it ensures that the price of housing is not going to vary from contract signature.







A construction time of six months, is another major advantage of the two types of housing benefit.

It is, in both cases, projects demonstrated sustainability and energy efficient, helping them to be highly environmentally friendly products.

Definitely, Minka Houses enjoy all the advantages of modular wooden houses, and add others that bring added value, and therefore make them the best choice.




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