5 details of Japanese inspiration at Minka Houses

The architect’s predilection for Japanese culture gets caught up in his creations

Trips are a great inspiration for Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, founder of the Minka Houses product from Jeev Arquitectura . Their getaways from different parts of the world are undoubtedly reflected in their modern houses, among which the influence of Japanese culture stands out . Without going any further, Minka Houses bears the name of the traditional houses of the Japanese peasants .

The traditional Japanese architecture stands out for its structure on two levels with open and multipurpose spaces, as well as minimalist furniture of low height. Without forgetting nature, which is a key element in Japanese society. Let’s see how these aspects are reflected in Minka Houses.

jardin vertical

Vertical gardens, the green touch

The incorporation of vertical gardens inside the houses is an increasingly frequent trend in modern houses. An ideal solution to be in contact with the natural surroundings and absorb its beneficial properties without having to have exterior spaces. The touch of green reminds of the traditional houses of the Japanese peasants , who were mostly surrounded by nature.

jardin vertical 2

Zen lighting

Lighting is a key aspect to the harmony of a home. For this reason, the architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez opts for the dim lights, which stand out especially with the fall of the sun. The design of the Minka Houses seeks to maximize natural lighting, but at nightfall the details of exterior lights, such as LEDs or paths illuminated from the garden, are surprising. Good lighting placed strategically highlights the forms of housing and creates a warm and pleasant.

iluminacion zen
dormitorio minimalista

Minimalist bedrooms and low beds

The bedroom is par excellence, where a relaxing and austere atmosphere should prevail. A requirement that combines low beds inspired by Japan, to convey a sense of spaciousness and balance with space. In this house Minka Houses has opted for a bedroom focused directly on the paradisiacal views of the Island of Formentera, a Japanese touch in the Mediterranean.

Relaxing ofurō type bath

The same project from Formentera incorporates a bathtub inspired by the Japanese ofurō, a deep tub of small dimensions to sit and make a good hot bath. In this case an external version has been designed, which endows this house with a great personality.

baño relajante

Inspiration in Japanese nature

naturaleza japonesa
naturaleza japonesa 2

Finally, the architect gives a glimpse of Japanese culture through constructions or specific furniture. In this ongoing project we can appreciate the asymmetric layout columns inspired by the elegant bamboo reeds. Surrounded by a dream garden, they combine modernity and tradition with high doses of contemporary design.

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5 details of Japanese inspiration at Minka Houses
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