5 trends in design bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most personal space from home and should be an oasis of peace and tranquility to rest at the end of the day. Modern bedrooms are characterized by an elegant minimalism that is often accompanied by light tones, predominantly white and gray, and other details of color or textures that add a touch of design to this room. We review then trends in design bedrooms this season through Minka Houses interiors and their founding studio, Jeev Architecture.

1. Fusion of colonial and Nordic style

Four poster beds 

The Nordic decor style is here to stay and this season merges with colonial air through the four poster beds . The modern bedrooms that we see below show two variants of this trend: the first one  in minimalist format of pure white that maximizes space; And the second one with a warmer touch, combining metal and wood. Both cases integrate metallic structures, a commitment to the order of the day that denotes elegance and harmony.

casa con dormitorio de diseño nórdico

2. Heads of natural materials

The head is a classic that is reinvented in several formats.

The heads come back this season with designs for all tastes. Predominant natural materials such as wood and low format, although you can also opt for an oversize option in case of very large bedrooms.

It is an indispensable element to put in value the design of the bed and give the touch of warmth that every bedroom needs.

3. Beds of Japanese inspiration

For lovers of minimalism there is a trend that keeps winning fans. Japanese-inspired bedrooms with low-rise beds extend the sense of space and help connect with the surroundings.

They are also an option applicable to narrow bedrooms , as they constitute a decorative element in themselves. The following image has been chosen for a Japanese bed to highlight the height of the ceiling and the masterpiece of the bedroom.


4. Explosion of natural light

A timeless trend

Natural light has become a timeless trend in modern bedrooms . If, in addition, they have open views to the landscape, the stay arrives to the outstanding one. The natural light allows to ventilate the space and conveys tranquility, while also saving energy. To promote its circulation, it is advisable to paint the walls with light shades such as white or gray. If you want to give a touch of originality, it will be enough to paint a single wall of another color that favors the rest.

5. Versatile Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms design or guest rooms

A very practical trend for children’s bedrooms design or guest rooms is that of versatile structures. In the following reform of Jeev Architecture we see a children’s bedroom that has a raised bed and two single beds that can be joined to form a double. In addition to having an attractive design, expand the possibilities according to the needs of the guests.

Another trend seen in this image is the wallpaper, which returns with force to give the vintage touch or fantasy to modern bedrooms. For small rooms , it is convenient to use it in a single wall so as not to overload the space.


Have you been inspired by any of the modern bedrooms at Minka Houses or Jeev Architecture?Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on the project of your dreams.

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5 trends in design bedrooms
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