6 kitchens that inspire

cocinas minimalismo
Foto: Minka Houses. Mobiliario de cocina: Gud, Raichman i Puchol SL

Welcome to the restaurant of your home

The kitchen is one of the coziest rooms in the house. A romantic scenario, family, friends meetings, confessions, creativity, experimentation and relaxing Sundays. Cooking for oneself or loved ones is one of the simplest acts and sincere love there. Therefore, the kitchen should be comfortable, clean space and fosters inspiration.

Here are 6 modern kitchens that will encourage you to put you “hands-on” and try -finally- that recipe that you have stored in that drawer or folder from Pinterest.

Purity and minimalism

Built-in kitchens  created in an open-plan space have been tendency for some years and it is no wonder they have become one of the most popular choices of modern houses. Minimalist open space and free up the culinary activity in household dynamics. They also allow mobility of several people in the kitchen and foster creativity by connecting with the different rooms of the house and, with luck with exterior views. This is the case of this property, product Minka Houses, noted for its outward orientation and the white purity of furniture, including the kitchen.

casa con espacios abiertos

The warm contrast of wood

cocinas madera
Foto: Minka Houses. Mobiliario de cocina: Gud, Raichman i Puchol SL
cocinas madera 3
Foto: Minka Houses. Mobiliario de cocina: Santos Estudi Ferran
cocinas madera 2
Foto: Minka Houses. Mobiliario de cocina: Santos Estudi Ferran

Increasingly, the kitchens go beyond their culinary purpose and become meeting spaces and family life. In this context, wood is the star material to add warmth to the room, either at the table, shelf or even in parts of the wall, as shown in this example of Jeev Architecture. Besides being trend, this material is clean, sustainable and appropriate for all seasons. Without doubt, the best ally to give a Nordic touch to your home.

cocinas abiertas
Foto: Minka Houses

Total opening

We continue with open kitchens and took it to the end to maximize integration, not only with the other rooms, but with the landscape. This Mediterranean house Minka Houses blends with the environment of the island of Formentera attention to detail. The kitchen combines warm colors reminiscent of land with neatness white, symbol of cleanliness and elegance. The whole house is on one level projected low altitude to have the minimum impact on the environment, so the kitchen avoids the high shelves and built at the same level, creating an open and zen visual effect.

For this minimalist distribution, small details make the difference. A good example are the white lights hanging from the island countertop, breaking the linear equilibrium of the house and creating an aesthetic and practical visual contrast.

The industrial touch

The industrial style also has its place in modern kitchens. This example of GUD, has a clean, modern and design office brings a touch of elegance to a contemporary apartment. This open kitchen serves to dress an entire wall of the diaphanous lounge area. Smeg recessed appliances integrate seamlessly into the kitchen furniture and the combination of metallic shades with wooden floors offers a game of contrasts that leaves no one indifferent.

cocinas industrial
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura. Mobiliario de cocina: Gud, Raichman i Puchol SL

Bright colors

cocinas color
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura
cocinas color 2
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura. Mobiliario de cocina: Bulthaup

Who said modern kitchens had to be gray or white? The combined creativity with quality materials, good taste and bright colors gives excellent results. To ensure a pleasant visual effect, should combine striking walls with appliances and furniture in neutral colors such as gray or white, and limit the touches of bright to specific areas colors can be a single wall or a table large, as in the following examples of Jeev Architecture. It also works well to introduce natural elements or ensure that the kitchen is open to outdoor spaces that bring light and openness to stay.

Floating island

cocinas isla
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

Hopping format countertops are a consolidated trend in modern kitchens. Its advantages are manifold: space utilization, increased storage capacity, an undeniable aesthetic value and dynamic effect of space. Despite predominate in open kitchens, they are also suitable for separate large, as shown in the following examples kitchens. The floating islands invite to cook collectively and claim this stay as a social space and a source of gastronomic pleasure.

Foto: Minka Houses. Mobiliario de cocina: Bulthaup

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6 kitchens that inspire
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