jardín de diseño

Special rooftops: welcome the good weather with dream rooftops

It is not surprising that the roofs have gained popularity in recent years. The famous 'rooftops' have become the fashion scene for all kinds of outdoor encounters.
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casas de lujo con arquitectura moderna con piscina de diseño

5 styles of spectacular pools

In the same way that there are no two Minka Houses equal, there is no identical pool either. In the next post we have taken a dip in the pools of the different Minka Houses and we have selected 5 styles that represent the creativity without limits of the Jeev Architecture study, founder of Minka...
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mobiliario ext alfombra

How to give a Mediterranean touch to your home

The rise in temperatures and the prolongation of daylight hours remind us that the holiday season is coming, to enjoy free time and to have a good dip in your favorite cove.
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5 trends in design bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most personal space from home and should be an oasis of peace and tranquility to rest at the end of the day.
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naturaleza japonesa 2

5 details of Japanese inspiration at Minka Houses

Trips are a great inspiration for Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, founder of the Minka Houses product from Jeev Arquitectura . Their getaways from different parts of the world are undoubtedly reflected in their modern houses, among which the influence of Japanese culture stands out.
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‘Nesting’: The trend that invites you to enjoy your home

Who said that staying at home is boring? After the “hygge” Nordic comes the ” nesting “, the trend that invites you to enjoy the comfort at home during the weekend or even for a vacation.
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casas madera

Wooden houses: A walk through history

Nowadays enjoying a personalized wooden house even in urban areas is possible thanks to projects like Minka Houses , which has adopted this material to build efficient and sustainable homes in record time.
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6 kitchens that inspire

The kitchen is one of the coziest rooms in the house. A romantic scenario, family, friends meetings, confessions, creativity, experimentation and relaxing Sundays.
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escaleras y pasarelas

Special: transparent stairs and walkways to brighten home

Playing with transparencies is an outstanding resource of contemporary architecture to maximize the flow of natural light in every room of the house.
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