The 5 most spectacular houses from MINKA Houses

The modern houses from Minka Houses are the result of architectural ingenuity and ability of Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez, who devised a new unprecedented construction system. The MINKA HOUSES method marks a milestone in the architecture, as a choice of luxury homes which differs from the others in many ways. One of the main is...
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7 modern celebrity homes to dream

Hollywood celebrities are known for their eccentricities, especially when it comes to choosing their homes scattered across spectacular landscapes of half the world. Although they all coincide in their infinite square meters, in this article we have selected the 7 modern houses of the famous ones that most inspire us by their architecture . Because...
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Discover the 10 most famous patisseries in Paris

Paris, certainly, is one of the capitals most interesting not only to cultural or historical, also gastronomic world level. One of its attractiveness is its rich cuisine and within it, its fine pastries. And the work of the bakeries is an art in the city of light and love. Here is a list of the...
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Build a house without price surprises and in record time with Minka Houses is no longer a utopia

You've been waiting for years, saving everything you have and devoting all your efforts to get the coveted home of your dreams. But what you want it all: quality, running fast, unique design, and at a reasonable price. You start thinking about how to get it and the first thing you think is in the...
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Where is the best chocolate in Spain?

It is the characteristic flavour and elemental concepts we associate with "dessert", "sweet", "cake" or "whim". We have it everywhere and in all formats. Chocolate bars, pralines, dairy desserts, drinks, creams, ice creams, mousses, pastries, pies and cakes. Chocolate find it in bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, cafes, churros, the kiosk on the corner, the...
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Reasons why not choose a manufactured home and opt for a MINKA House custom design

A home is a space where yours and you will develop your family life and, sometimes, even professional. Therefore, it should be a comfortable, pleasant space, with a style that reveals your tastes and capable of satisfying all your needs for space, accessibility, structure or design. All this makes it difficult for us to decide...
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The 10 best opcions for the modern house floor

The floor is one of the main elements of the decoration of a house. Of all types and colors, advising one floor or another without considering how the other parts of the house are designed is quite reckless.
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Go into and discover the hanging house

Do you dream of a different and unique home? ¿Yearning live integrated with nature not only physically, but also in a sustainable way? Like betting on ecological and efficient materials? If so, forget brick and cement and trust to new forms of construction that offers Minka Houses . We rely on the innovative style of...
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We review the trends in modern design houses

Among the new trends of modern houses that are going strong, they have made their way into houses MINKA signature design. And it is that the architects of the Calatan Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez has implemented an innovative and cutting-edge method of designing and building homes. We quote also the word homes to add a...
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