Decoration trends for this winter 2017-2018

This winter comes loaded with decorative trends so that you feel more comfortable than ever in your home. The coldest months of the year invite you to enjoy the warmth of the interiors in good company, what the Danes call ‘hygge’. Join the decorating trends this winter and give a new look to your home. Sometimes it is not necessary to make a great reform, but with small changes we can feel more comfortable in our refuge of comfort

deco invierno textiles
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Warm accessories

We start with a very simple change that does not imply any type of reform: check your winter decorative accessories . We refer to XL blankets with tasty textures, maxi-colored maxi-color rugs or with ethnic touches, cushions and upholstery. With the arrival of the cold it is convenient to recover the complements of the previous season and renew them when necessary to create the ideal environment.

This season maintains the minimalist trend and the Nordic style, but Mediterranean or ethnic touches are added to bring personality to the home and increase the feeling of warmth. How do we do it? Keeping the sobriety in the color of the walls, the light furniture and low height, as well as the smooth shades of the main furniture. The touch of color and originality is achieved with ethnic patterns and different textures.

Hanging lamps

A key accessory in winter are the lamps, responsible for creating the intimate atmosphere that is so appreciated. This season the hanging lamps are taken, especially in the dining room and the kitchen. If you want to sharpen the trend, you can choose copper, bronze or steel, which will contrast with the neutral tones of the walls and furniture.

deco invierno lamparas
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

The velvet returns

For the most risky, this 2018 returns the velvet, yes, in small doses so as not to overload. Its warm and loving texture is ideal for the coldest days, but it is convenient to use this resource in a timely manner, whether in an armchair, a pouf or in the dining room chairs. Bet on a bottle green color for an elegant and original result.

deco invierno mesas salon
Foto: Minka Houses

Lounge tables

Another very decorative resource that can not be missing in your home is the living room tables. Ideal to place between sofas, they provide an elegant and functional air that will serve as a link between the different elements of the most social area of ​​the house. Although you should not abuse many decorative resources, you can give a touch of personality with a design magazine, a cactus or a ceramic accessory, also trend this season.

Neutral walls

As we have already advanced, minimalism remains in the tone of the walls, with a smooth palette between white and gray. As if it were a white canvas, light-colored walls serve as a neutral base for playing with furniture and plants, very important in any season of the year to provide color and warmth.

deco invierno tonos naturales
Foto: Minka Houses

Natural tones and imperfections

The furniture maintains the natural textures, with wood as the best ally of tables, stairs and low-rise furniture. Unlike in previous years, the wood reveals its imperfections and makes a nod to the vintage style combined with metallic elements that give it the air of a New York loft.

Movie nights and blanket

Finally, the fireplace will be your great ally to turn winter evenings into unique moments in family, with friends or, simply, in the company of a good book. Is there a more wintery and comfortable image to read on the sofa, with a good blanket and the relaxing sound of the fireplace? In this sense, the design possibilities are also endless. Check our post on chimneys to inspire you.

Do you dare to give a new air to your house?

Winter is long and feeling at ease in your home is priceless. If you need more inspiration, we invite you to discover our Minka Houses projects , which combine design, comfort and innovation.

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Decoration trends for this winter 2017-2018
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