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Efficient and sustainable houses

Limited edition houses

Descover MINKA by Jeev Architecture

MINKA Houses is a unique product of the Jeev Architecture study. Luxury single-family homes with exclusive design, with a closed price and execution time from the beginning, and an efficient and sustainable construction.

Unique works, because you are unique. Limited edition houses.

Exclusivity and innovation

Design houses

Limited edition

We create exclusive homes. Each client has a dream to fulfill and MINKA HOUSES realizes the luxury of having a custom project, where every detail incorporates the unmistakable style of the study.

Exclusive sensations
Unique homes, unrepeatable homes. Permanent search for sensations between spaces, environment integration and great internal-external communication.

Passion for the forms
Pure forms volumes, noble materials such as steel, wood, stone and much glass. Great mastery in the use and control of natural light and the achievement of spaces.

Functionality and comfort first of all
Clear, functional distributions, with a great aesthetic appeal that give you the volumes game. Welcoming environments of avant-garde design with high quality finishes.

Large career

Experience and reliability

A company with more than 20 years of experience, specialist in the single-family housing sector and a recognized and proven track record guarantee the house reliability and guarantees.

No surprises that alter your plans

Closed price and time

Nothing is more valuable than your time. The constructive method, the processes optimization and the errors minimization allow us to execute your project in record time and without surprises.

We systematize the working way to minimize the time invested in the construction of your MINKA and guarantee the final price from the beginning, but without subtracting a bit from the care and attention we want for your home.

We take care about your future

Efficiency and sustainability

The planet belongs to everyone. The current housing conception is indissoluble of the environment responsibility. We understand MINKA Houses as the natural architecture evolution and, specifically, of exclusive design single-family homes.

Your MINKA is designed for responsible consumption with the best energy ratings. A luxury home designed for you, following current trends that look towards a more sustainable future, environment respect, energy efficiency, low consumption and cost reduction. We all win.

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