Discover the 10 most famous patisseries in Paris


Dare you to discover the 10 most famous bakeries with us?

Paris, certainly, is one of the capitals most interesting not only to cultural or historical, also gastronomic world level. One of its attractiveness is its rich cuisine and within it, its fine pastries. And the work of the bakeries is an art in the city of light and love. Here is a list of the most famous bakeries in Paris. 

While we have made a ranking of the ten most famous bakeries in Paris … we were a little short because there are many more famous bakeries to discover in this city. We have chosen these ten because each has something special that distinguishes it and makes it unique, we give the first clues in the headlines…

1. Â la mère de famille, one of the oldest in Paris … and around the world

One of the oldest bakery in the city, founded in 1761

This is one of the oldest bakery in the city, founded in 1761. It has a lovely vintage look, with a green façade and old signs that stand far away for its exquisite charm. This bakery offers delight the sweet tooth and is filled with lollipops, candy salted butter, nuts, jams, chocolates and fruit pastes. Its flagship products are its almond pastries flavored with truffles and melon liqueur. Do not forget, in the Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 35.


2. Pierre Hermé, Patisserie Picasso 

Undoubtedly, the first bakery to which would be called as a must. Among his most famous delicacies include the delicious pistachio macaroons, chocolate or violet and rich Ispahan croissant. Sweet art made for a pastry chef who they described once as “the Picasso of Pastry”. In Paris you can find several cake shops Pierre Hermé, but the most famous is undoubtedly that of Rue Bonaparte located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Long queues waiting for their turn public are a good example of the excellence of this pastry. You can also find it in the UK, Japan, UAE and even Thailand. Every March, this bakery is in charge of organizing Macaron Day, no more to say.

It stands out for its delicious pistachio, chocolate or violet macarons


3. La Maison Ladureé, the most famous patisserie in Paris … at least in Macarons

Created in 1862, it is considered the founder of the macarons.


Created in 1862, it is considered the founder of the macarons. It is among the most famous patisserie in Paris and for some the most famous in France. Among its star products undoubtedly we highlight its famous Saint Honoré Rose Framboise, a delicious cake made of flaky pastry with pink icing and jam inside as adornment Chantilly cream and profiteroles with strawberries and raspberries.

In addition to cakes, they sell books with recipes, key chains, candles, bags, etc. A patisserie chain with charm and glamor, among which is undoubtedly the Champs Elysees on Avenue des Champs Élysées Avenue, 75. Remember the name because it has spread even patisseries airports around the world. If you forgot your macarons … nothing better to acquire the best at the airport back home. And if you’re not in Paris, but you are in Tokyo, Milan, New York or London, remember that you have a Laduree branch waiting for you.

4. La Pâtisserie des Rêves, the best Paris Brest

It noted for its exquisite decoration, and that stands out for its glass cases hanging from the ceiling. According to some experts, the best Paris Brest Citywide are made. Do not forget to also try their pies Saint Honoré, delicious lemon cake and chocolate éclairs. It has three establishments: one in the Rue de Bac, another in the Rue de Longchamp and the third in the Rue Linois within the Beaugrenelle shopping center. If you are in Paris for a while and you love cakes, you’ll be pleased to know that each month produced a different: purple figs and quince in November, banana in January, March almonds, etc.

It stands out for its exquisite decoration

5. Hugo & Victor, cake jewelry

Cake Jewelry

A pastry that looks like a real jewelry. All their cakes are simply presented in an exquisite way. And if that were not enough, the cakes are accompanied by wines from the best-known sommeliers worldwide. Do not forget to test your Victor of pistachio, strawberry, lemon verbena and the exquisite strudel. His financier was chosen by Le Figaro as the best of Paris in 2012


6. Un Dimanche à Paris, two floors to go crazy

Perhaps this is one of the most peculiar cake of our list, the fact of having two floors. It occupies almost half a block, certainly more than enough space to go crazy to so much pleasure. In addition to the bakery, a restaurant, bar and chocolate bar. Be sure to try their pistachio choux with red fruits, their chocolate cakes and tarts tarragon and raspberry.

It occupies almost half a street


7. Pierre Marcolini, the most prestigious Belgian confectioner 

Pastry world champion in 1995

It is a pastry that has the most prestigious confectioner and chocolatier throughout Belgium and patisserie world champion in 1995, it can not offer more than genuine pleasures that stand out for their creativity. Marcolini is one of the few chefs that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process; in fact he himself is expressly travels to choose the best cocoa beans in places as diverse as Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico or Java. It brings its own blends and roasting techniques and forms its craftsmen personally. This pastry out nothing more and nothing less than 150 tons of chocolate per year.

8. La Bague de Kenza, Algerian fusion senses pleasure 

The main one is located on Rue St Maur. An Algerian pastry, melting French flavors with many of the Middle East. If you like exoticism you can not stop going to this bakery and taste among its other specialties, the baklava dripping with honey. If you prefer, you can taste the cakes in the tearoom just in front, with his best companion: good tea.

If you like exoticism you can not stop going to this bakery

9. Patrick Roger, Meilleur Ouvrier French Craftsman in 2002

His creations are authentic works of art.

Patrick Roger won this award in 2002 after presenting a huge sculpture of a man working chocolate, which is held only by the tips of his toes. His creations are true works of art. It has an aesthetic inspired by the beauty of nature, decorated with large chocolate sculptures.


10Café Pouchkine, Francia y Rusia merged

Its decoration transports us to the time of the tsars of Russia.

Founded in 1999 and named in honor of the bicentennial of the Russian poet. What is most striking is its beautiful decoration that transports us to the era of the czars of Russia. Their pastries are characterized by a delicious blend of Russian and French flavors. Among its flagship products we include: mille-feuille or the Napoleon and the delicious strudel with puff pastry and custard. It is located on the Boulevard Saint Germain, 155.

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Discover the 10 most famous patisseries in Paris
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