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How is it possible to have a closed budget of a MINKA before designing it?

We have all processes very controlled, so we can guarantee the price. We systematize the work process to minimize the time invested in the construction of your MINKA and guarantee the final price from the beginning, but without subtracting a bit from the care and attention we want for your home. We know that your home is unique and deserves all our dedication.

What are the differences between a MINKA and a traditional construction house?

The MINKA houses combine all the advantages of traditional construction regarding of freedom of design and the best high-end finishes. Also, due to their work methodology, they save construction time and you have the guaranteed price from beginning, with no surprises. They are respectful with the environment and highly efficient, with the consequent energy savings.

Why is it possible to build a MINKA in such a short time?

Once the building license is granted in a few months you will have your design house. The constructive system, the optimization of processes and the minimization of errors allow us to execute your project in record time and without surprises.

Why the MINKA houses are not prefabricated?

The MINKA houses are comparable to the prefabricated ones regarding of the short construction time and the price absolutely closed and without surprises, but they have no competition in terms of design. The MINKA are unique for each client, they are measure designed, enjoy great structural lights and special geometric shapes, as well as luxury finishes.

What does the price indicated in the budget calculator include?

All included, that’s the MINKA concept. From the conceptualization of the project, the design, the management, the construction, the finishes, the supervision of work and even the handover of the keys; we take care of everything. The price includes, then, your dream ready to move in, with all your requests and wishes.

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