Go into and discover the hanging house

Do you dream of a different and unique home? ¿Yearning live integrated with nature not only physically, but also in a sustainable way? Like betting on ecological and efficient materials? If so, forget brick and cement and trust to new forms of construction that offers Minka Houses . We rely on the innovative style of renowned architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez offer design houses of high standing, but at reasonable prices and, above all, without surprises or extra costs, as well as time actually reduced about six months on average. As you will see in the terraced house that we present, our buildings are unique and unrepeatable. Are designed entirely tailored to each customer, seeking their tastes and preferences, always committed to the design, styling and sobriety. With all this, we got impact projects, with those who go home every day is a real pleasure Do not wait to discover with us all that a house like this can do for you and give a real boost to your quality lifetime!


A unique location

This family house stands in first place for its location in the Catalan Vallès Occidental

It is really integrated into the landscape that surrounds both its style of construction as its neutral white color. In addition, it is hung on the ground, using the slope for different heights and install an impressive pool that will be the focus of social gatherings and an ideal place to relax and regain energy. Our goal is that our customers really feel at home and live in a place where they really feel like being in any season and at all times of the day. Be in solitude, in a large family or with different views, this house will suit every moment and become unique.

The sun as a great ally

The importance of taking advantage of natural elements such as the sun.

In Minka Houses we are aware of the importance of using natural elements like the sun, so abundant in our land and we can not ignore. So we direct our buildings to receive the maximum amount of sunlight, with the feeling of warmth that it implies and, also, with the consequent energy savings. We focus on efficiency and recycling in heating and water.


A sustainable structure

We flee from non-ecological materials such as cement.

We have chosen to hold the terraced house with a bright pillars, in addition to solve the problem of the slope, give it a unique and modern style. So, this seems to be launched to the incredible landscape that has around him, bringing the feeling of freedom you have in it is impressive. The structure is made of solid wood contralaminated CLT (KLH), even the pool is made of it. As you can see, we run from little green materials such as cement and bet on more noble and colorful, as is the high quality wood. Very much in the style of Japanese households, by Joan Enric Ejarque predilection, but providing a western and Mediterranean touch that makes them unique designs.

From the entrance, it impresses

This house looks for open and functional spaces

Another feature of this house is that it seeks open and functional spaces, which achieved with glass doors, large windows and warm colors like white. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a large door from which we access to an open space in which is integrated the living room with the kitchen and where we can both relax on the couch and prepare authentic delicacies, but always enjoying spectacular views. The glass ceiling that between a plant and also in the following achieves the feeling of spaciousness and height is even greater. As if that were not enough, they have joined a large folding windows leading to the pool and terrace. Or, what is the same, the very paradise.


An interior to enjoy

If the outer parts are impact, the interior is really cozy, modern and airy.

Here we see how the house actually is projected to the outside with its fabulous views and windows; in turn, has taken care of every detail. For example, we have chosen a lamp designed by the owner to the kitchen, and the architect has built-in input an original system of pulleys that allow display designs lamps artist that regulates the light and gives a feeling truly innovative . To design the fireplace sober, we have relied on the Nordic style and functionality together looking design efficiency. We have incorporated a sofa straight lines and a massive wooden table for your meals are another great luxury and delight.

A kitchen to show off

Whether yours is the kitchen as you if not

We guarantee you will want to emulate the best chefs because it is impossible not to be inspired by this kitchen simple lines, but very functional and elegant. In addition, this kitchen is always in contact with people and can talk while the finest delicacies are prepared. Has a counter in the central part so that it is facing the dining area and comfortable and spacious storage areas for all utensils are neatly arranged and within easy reach.


A pool that will leave you speechless

The idyllic pool that we have incorporated directly into the infinite landscape

If until now the terraced house seemed like spectacular, wait until you see the idyllic pool that we have incorporated in the side facing the endless landscape directly. It is the hallmark and the main feature of this house, both for its location and its structure 100% wood. As well as the fact of giving the feeling of being in the same room thanks to the sliding windows that make disappear all obstacles between the two stays. Almost from anywhere in the house you can see the pool and know it’s there for moments of relaxation and enjoyment. In addition, it is a way to maximize the ground and also to enjoy intimacy. As if that were not enough, both from the outside and from the inside seats pool you can delight in the mountains of Western Vallès. We are confident that this will be the favorite for the smallest of the house and also for the elderly.

A terrace with infinity views

It feels all the magnificence of nature, literally without leaving home.

We know that a house of this kind would be complete without a place from which to really scan the entire dreamscape that surrounds it. So we have taken the top to incorporate an elegant spiral staircase leading to a style chill out terrace for summer evenings truly unforgettable. Or to make you enjoy the sun at any time of year. The Serra de Collserola is within reach. 


Get to know us better

Ecology, sustainability and efficiency.

We are confident that this house will be impressed. But maybe you still have doubts about whether shelve the classic cement and pass to other elements and styles. From Minka Houses we took over twenty years in the industry, innovating and always looking for new ways to build that fit not only to the needs of our most demanding customers, but to the most advanced standards in ecology, sustainability and efficiency . All this always looking design, innovation, good taste. We want your home is really the temple you deserve. A place to feel good, be yourself and where you want and ansíes back every day.

As if that were not enough, our projects are not eternalize in time, do not suffer on costs and unexpected problems. No, because we work with closed budgets and we guarantee average time of six months and which you can settle in your new home. In addition, working in each design personalized got the customer is really satisfied from the outset. On our website you can make a budget quickly and free, in which we include the delivery date, so that you can really plan ahead and know when you can move in and start a new life. The fact of working with a wooden structure technology allows us to get a quick, clean and green within reach of the most ambitious desires work. You can also discover other projects like that will serve as inspiration. Remember that we specialize in building not only houses, but homes, always looking for the design, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

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Go into and discover the hanging house
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