How to give a Mediterranean touch to your home

The rise of temperatures and the prolongation of the hours of light remind you that the holiday season is about, enjoying free time and having a good dip in your favorite cove. If you already feel butterflies in the stomach just thinking about the summer, why not give that Mediterranean touch to your home and start living the summer sensations? In this article we give you 5 ideas to turn your house into a summer oasis.

baño relajante

Outdoor refreshing showers

One of the pleasures of summer is to return from the beach or an outdoor excursion and cool off in an outdoor shower in broad daylight

The contact with the water, the breeze of the Mediterranean and the natural environment is the perfect cocktail to feel the essence of the season. If you are thinking about incorporating an outdoor shower into your home you can opt for multiple options. The first image corresponds to a project of Minka Houses on the island of Formentera and has an original outdoor bathtub which in turn can become a shower. The architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez designs this house with a structure of volumes that plays with the interior and exterior spaces, so that you can take a bath in the open air and feel protected at the same time.

The second proposal is a discreet outdoor shower integrated in the entrance of a house to cool down before entering the house. It is a simple and efficient resource that uses a combination of materials and decorative elements very successful. The mix of textures provided by concrete, teak, stones and plants sets the idyllic space to combat the heat of summer afternoons.

toque mediterraneo en la ducha exterior

Flowers and details that make the difference

The details make the difference and add personality to home

While the design of the furniture is key in the style of a house, the natural accessories bring warmth to the home and can even serve as a natural freshener. A good option is to place minimalist and simple plants on tables or shelves and place other more lush on the floor of spacious rooms to give a touch of color and life.

toque mediterraneo flores
toque mediterraneo dormitorio
Foto: Minka Houses

Spacious Bedrooms

Low-rise beds inspired on japanese culture

The arrival of the new station is a good time to get rid of objects or furniture that we do not need. Empty spaces convey a sense of peace and let the air circulate, encouraging the ventilation that is so much appreciated in summer. To be your relaxing nest, it is especially important to create the feeling of openness in the bedroom. A very successful resource are the low-rise , Japanese-inspired beds . These reinforce the perception of amplitude and connect people with space. If you also enjoy direct views of a dream landscape, as in the following image of Minka Houses, the pleasure is multiplied.

Seasonal fruits and healthy snacks

Give the Mediterranean touch to your home

They are healthy, nutritious and boast of a variety of colors and shapes that make them one more element of home decor. Having a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen or dining room encourages healthy living and adds an air of vitality and color to your home. Check your crockery and get yourself a container and wooden utensils to give the Mediterranean touch to your home.

toque mediterraneo snacks
Foto: Unsplash
toque mediterraneo blanco

… and a lot of white

The color of light, order and tranquility

The decoration of Mediterranean inspiration is directly associated with the target. The color of light, order and tranquility is a timeless classic that gives any stay of elegance and freshness. Then we see two examples of houses with a predominance of white , both on the facade and in the interior that, combined with materials such as marble , breathe pure Mediterranean essence.

Do you dare to give a Mediterranean touch to your house? What are your resources to welcome the summer?

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How to give a Mediterranean touch to your home
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