Lounges to dream awake

The living room is one of the most important rooms at home. Its family atmosphere and central location inside the house, make this space an ideal setting for family reunions and moments for resting after a long day of work. It is also the link between the rooms and the exterior rooms, as well as one of the most visible areas of the house. For all these reasons, it is important to take care of its image and to renew it with the latest tendencies of decoration of halls .

In Minka Houses we bet for a minimalist and functional decoration, which is not at odds with unique details that will bring personality to  home. Let yourself be seduced by the salons of our latest projects and be inspired to give a new air to your most precious refuge.

salones 180 grados

180 degree opening

Enjoying natural light without giving up privacy is one of the architectural challenges of single-family homes. In this case, the Minka Houses team has taken advantage of a relatively narrow space to design a cozy living room that maximizes the entrance of natural light. The relaxation space is delimited by a fireplace and a low-rise bookcase that expands the perspective of the living room and at the same time gives it exclusivity, creating a comfortable and collected area.


The most social stay of the house claims its presence with open and diaphanous spaces in favor of natural light

Clear space with design fireplace

An elegant minimalist fireplace welcomes you to this Minka home. This warm element, decorative and functional in cold seasons, is the detail that will make you fall in love with the interior of the house as soon as you enter. The warmth of the flames contrasts with the opening of the dining room, which leads to the garden.

salones chimenea
escalera madera

Semi transparent stairs towards the heaven’s resting

Transparent staircases are a highlight of Jeev Architecture, a creative studio for Minka Houses. In this project they have a starring role and offer an interesting set of contrasts by combining pure white with wood. Instead of standing in a corner, as usual, this house gives a special status to the staircase, which has a central position in the living room and is presented as an attractive way to the resting area.

Total opening and bookcase on two levels:

Between minimalism and open spaces, you need an elegant touch that breaks with the linear dynamics of space. In this case, the architect bets on an impressive library on two levels that joins the living room, located on the ground floor, with the area of ​​the rooms, on the upper floor. This imposing design is the key detail of the room and a resource that gives much play and versatility to the space, being able to change its decoration depending on the season or time of year. It is important not to overload the bookstore, but different combinations of colors are allowed to add a touch of vitality to the monocolor furniture. A space to get lost for hours.

salones apertura
salones comedor

Half-height dining room

If you are a fan of the tendency to low-rise houses, this dining room is for you. The design of this room follows the harmony of the whole house, characterized by the minimalism of straight lines that enhances the beauty of the landscape. The furniture, almost monochromatic, does not exceed the meter in height and only the fireplace breaks with the linear aesthetics to provide contrast and solemnity to the room. A game of balances that seeks to maximize space and eliminate boundaries between stays. Who does not dream of dining like this?

Let yourself be advised by Minka Houses and renew the image of your dining room or lounge to re-fall in love with your home.

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Lounges to dream awake
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