‘Nesting’: The trend that invites you to enjoy your home

Who said that staying at home is boring? After the “hygge” Nordic comes the ” nesting “, the trend that invites you to enjoy the comfort at home during the weekend or even for a vacation. This Anglo-Saxon concept comes from the word “nest”, a nest in English, which claims the importance of dedicating personal time in the “nest” of comfort. While spending hours outdoors is healthy, fun and necessary, so is taking advantage of the possibilities of home, and even more in today’s society governed by immediacy. What better than your home to feel at ease and relax? The decoration, the layout of the furniture and the details will be decisive to get the most out of your “quality time”. Here are some ideas:

nesting terraza
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

Adapt your house to seasons

This reform of Jeev Arquitectura transforms the space of an old office into a diaphanous New York style apartment to take full advantage of natural light and the original ceiling height. A change needed to enjoy good ventilation in summer and the fabulous views to the Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

Redecorating your house from time to time is important to give it a new air, get rid of things you do not need and revalue forgotten spaces. Season changes are a good time to make small renovations and prepare your house for the new temperatures. In the spring we recommend incorporating seasonal plants, light curtains and light-colored furnishings that highlight the light.

Enjoy the kitchen

With the rush of the week, we often do not take full advantage of all the possibilities of the kitchen . During the weekend there are no excuses, dedicate part of your free time to cook new recipes, with good company and your favorite music in the background is an image that represents the pleasure of 100% nesting. If you also have an open kitchen , like the following example of Minka Houses , you can cook with views of the rest of the house and abroad, sharing this pleasure with yours.


nesting cocina
Foto: Minka Houses
nesting lectura
Foto: Minka Houses

Create a reading space

Reading is another of the little pleasures of spending time at home. Become a good bookstore and immerse yourself in the best stories from different corners of your home.

With the arrival of good weather, who does not feel like stretching in a hammock and reading for hours? Your house will become a 5 star hotel.

In the following image of Minka Houses, the architect Joan Enric Ejarque Velázquez places a bookstore at the end of a staircase leading to a transparent walkway, elements very characteristic of the Jeev Architecture studio.

Give yourself a good bath

After a long week, you deserve a bath without the pressure of the clock. Disconnect your mind, add aromatic salts to the warm water and let the muscles slowly relax your body. You can decorate the bathroom with touches of wood to create a warmer atmosphere and put chillout music in the background. The perfect plan for a Friday.


casa de diseño minimalista casa MINKA
nesting exterior
Foto: Jeev Arquitectura

Take advantage of the exterior stays

Finally you can enjoy your garden or terrace. Spring is the ideal season to put the outdoor stays to the point for the summer: check the state of the lawn, the plants and the swimming pool, as well as the outdoor furniture. If you like DIY, it’s a good time to get down to business and leave the furniture shiny. You can also give them a new air by painting them in white or decorating them with cushions and trend prints.

Do you dare to enjoy a few days at home? Small pleasures are more within reach than is often believed. Make the most of your home and give yourself some time for yourself!

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‘Nesting’: The trend that invites you to enjoy your home
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