Outdoor furniture ideas 2017. Inspiration for terraces and gardens

With the arrival of good weather, who does not want to have breakfast on the terrace or have a drink at sunset? Rising temperatures encourage you to check out the outdoor furniture and make sure everything is ready for the best summer nights.

Although outdoor furniture tends to have a more timeless character and even some embellish with time, it is important to review them year after year and incorporate novelties that will give life to the garden or the terrace .

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1. An essential classic: the white

The color par excellence

The color par excellence of the furniture of terraces and gardens claims its timelessness for another year. In this season is combined with new materials such as steel, which is presented as an alternative to wood. Ideal for modern and minimalist houses that want to give an elegant touch to the exterior rooms . Low-rise chairs are also a must , as they maintain the harmony of the space and enhance the views of the landscape.


2. Lounge inspiration

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Foto: Minka Houses
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Foto: Hotel Escondido (Oaxaca) via revista micasa

Hammocks and porches

The white or printed Ibizan style hammocks give a chill out air to the terraces or gardens and make the perfect balance between elegance and the bohemian touch. If they are placed next to the pool they form the perfect stamp of the summer evenings. Again they combine perfectly with wooden or iron porches, as seen in the following Minka Houses project.

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3. The Zen Touch

The Zen garden and the oriental aesthetic

Another trend that has been consolidated in 2017 is the Zen garden . In this case you must have a green space, where you will create an itinerary of white stones that invite you to enjoy the present moment. The oriental aesthetic, combined with materials such as wood or iron, offers a very interesting aesthetic contrast. With this starting point, you can incorporate varied plants to the taste, like bamboo or Aloe Vera, as well as contemporary figures of inspiration Zen in the form of Buddha or other representations.

4. Hybrid between interior and exterior

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Foto: nhadep.net

The teak furniture.

The teak furniture is reinvented in irregular geometries that add an innovative air to the material par excellence of the terraces. The boundary between interior and exterior furniture is being blurred by the trend of pieces that can be placed either inside or outside from home.



mobiliario ext alfombra
Foto: Ámbar Muebles

Exterior carpets

In this line, another piece that points strongly are the exterior carpets , which add a touch of warmth to the open exteriors. You can choose the most sober and elegant, as in the picture, or add a touch of fantasy with bohemian carpets.

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Foto: coftable.com

5. Temperature Contrast

A minimalist fireplace 

And, for hard bet lovers: why not putting a minimalist fireplace on the garden’s side? It is a resource of shocking aesthetic value that will stand out especially in the outdoor summer dinners and will transfer the relaxing effect of the fire to the outer space. The surprise factor is assured.



Are you thinking about renovating your outdoor furniture? Share your ideas with us!

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Outdoor furniture ideas 2017. Inspiration for terraces and gardens
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