Architexture: the soul of the design of a single-family house

The design of this house is inspired by finding the perfect balance between public and private space. For this, a double skin has been designed where through a set of transparencies the urban composition and the needs of the functional program are combined, offering the client the comfort and comfort of feeling in the middle of the city and at the same time isolated from the city.


Project duration
7 months

Total area
240 m2

Tradition and avant-garde

The construction of this single-family house, responds to a typology of classic housing between party walls and patio. To make these designs of houses, the access is presented from the street and is done through a versatile space that is given to a double use: receiver and distributor of the rest of the rooms of the house. From this entrance part of a staircase to the dividing wall releasing the rest of the surface. With this, depth is achieved in the spaces. On the first floor, the staircase recovers the central position between the bays, which allows positioning the rooms to the street and the patio and to obtain direct access to the roof. Constructive elements of high symbolic value are recovered, such as the forged beam and ceramic curved vault connecting style and avant-garde.




casa unifamiliar arquitextura

Oasis in the city

The construction of houses like the one in this project allows us to experiment with avant-garde designs. The roof is divided into two differentiated areas, the first, which responds to the practical needs of daily life and the other, where the roof takes its leading role, designed as a real backwater in the city. A chillout area and a Jacuzzi ordered in platforms complement the program of this dream house.


Making off

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure home. The construction time of this house is 7 months, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.



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