In this house everything flows, the spaces are drawn with a sense of continuity, the rigid boundaries disappear, and the spaces open to participation, to the enjoyment of the senses of the whole family.


Project duration
 5 months

Total area
230 m2


The project is developed in section, adapting to the topographic conditions of the land. The entrance of the house occurs halfway between the ground floor and the first giving access to a double height space that runs vertically throughout the house and offers a panoramic view of the interior of it. This double height space is presided by a large library dedicated to literature and music. Around this “epicenter” orbits the functional program.





On the ground floor all the main spaces are connected, the porches as transition elements give way to two garden levels  in which progressively transitions from the space ordered to the natural. On the top floor, a large glass walkway that runs parallel to the double space, distributes the rooms while still losing visual contact with the epicenter. The rooms of the children allow to associate through a large sliding door. The space is unified with a large study table in which the spirit of participation is reinforced again.



Making of

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure home. The construction time of this house is 5 months, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.




Final photo

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