Harbourage in the city: luxury single-family house design in the middle of nature

The luxury houses of MINKA Houses, offers to the clients refuge, relax and comfort; in this project you can see the way in which getting away from the stress of everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the city is perfectly combined with the calm and tranquility that we seek when arriving at our home.




Project duration
 7 months

Total area
240 m2

Earth and water

The house general program and the suite is located on the ground floor, and the first floor is dedicated to the childrens, favoring an autonomous life of the childrens. In this project spaces and terraces are designed, an access from the general distributor of the double height housing connects both worlds.






Contemplative views


The plot of this single-family house is presented with a pronounced slope and the construction of the house rises on the level of the street to more than three meters, as a result it places it as a watchtower, with a first floor on pillars, housing it is situated above its surroundings, favoring the contemplative views of its rooms. The different levels of this design single-family house are resolved by means of an access patio at street level that allows both pedestrian and vehicle entry and from which a connecting elevator departs.






Making of

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure home. The construction time of this house is 7 months, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.





Final photo

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