House of light project: clarity in every corner

The light flows and bathes each space of this detached house, unique and exclusive design that combines large glass areas with others that keep privacy. The wood seen in one of the facades offers a unique touch to the building.


Project duration
5 months
Total area
250 m2

Exterior openning

The large windows on the top floor cause natural light to filter in, becoming the protagonist and giving a feeling of spaciousness and openness in the night areas of the house.

Differentiated façades

The façade that faces the garden opens to the outside, on the ground floor and on the upper floor, through glazed areas. On the other hand, the other façade bets on windows and incorporates wood as a differentiating element.

Natural light was our requirement and they have achieved. Our house is bathed in natural light

Hall the main axis

The hall is one of the distinctive elements of the house, joining the two floors and over which all the spaces of the house revolve.

Adifferent study

The owners wanted a space with lots of natural light. For this reason, the project revolves around the hall at double height and plays with large outside openings.

Making of

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure house. The construction time of this house was 5 months, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.




Final photo

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