Miracle House Project, everything it´s possible

Exclusive and unique, luxury does not understand dimensions. This project challenges the size of the plot, creating an unparalleled and modern design.

Project duration
7 months and half
Total area
467 m2

Vertical journey

At the entrance of this house we find a double space and a glass staircase that enhance connections and vertical routes and provide a sense of spaciousness and openness to guests.

Limited space

We are in a small dimensions plot, which forces us to project a fairly compact volume and to focus on the interior rooms, taking advantage of the spaces.

I do not know how they got it. It was impossible to do anything decent on this plot. And now I not only have this wonder but also from the house I see the snow-covered Montseny.

From remodeling to new construction

At the beginning, this project had to conserve the original volumetry of the house, but finally it was bet on a completely new house.

A different study

This house was built on a small dimensions plot, getting to build an unparalleled home even for the owners themselves. We devise miracles!

Making of

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure house. The construction time of this house is 7 months and half, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.




Final photo

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