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In response to the conditions of the plot, a two-story building with access from the north side is projected, and generating the housing program oriented to the views facing south.

The access to the house is generated through an open patio that separates the private garden and the parking area and this access is accompanied by a wall of wooden slats. The entrance hall has a large window to the patio, and stairs of a section with a large library that generates the division of this hall with the public area of ​​the house.  
The roof of the building is flat, and it will be placed the necessary elements for telecommunication installations and chimneys, as well as the solar collectors for the production of sanitary hot water.


Project duration
8 months
Total area
300 m2


The south façade, where the studio, living room and dining room are located, erases its inner-outer limits with the porch with a large sliding glass window. The kitchen open to the dining room overlooks the entrance courtyard, and has an adjoining utility room with access to the exterior on the west facade, with access to the outdoor parking.

From the lobby you can access the left-hand corner, where there is a suite overlooking a private garden, two bathrooms facing east and a studio with views of the porch and pool and which in turn is connected to the living room on the other side chimney.





The living space is a space of double height, space that is used to create a high-rise bookstore and thus, meet one of the hobbies of customers: Reading. Once on the upper floor, the corridor between rooms is a glass passage that traps light from the front of the access patio. On this floor, there are two suites with sea views, with dressing room and private bathroom, which are illuminated through a setback in the facade that seeks the privacy of these spaces.

The great differentiating element of the house is the pool area, in which the façade finish around it captures this space and makes it physically integrated with the interior of the house. In unevenness of the plot makes the pool is elevated from the ground, which generates a viewpoint to the sea. To this small viewpoint we access from the porch through some floating slabs through the pool and from there, we can go down to the garden and where we will find a rest area.




Making off

We spend a lot of time thinking about your needs and projecting your measure home. The construction time of this house is 8 months, from the construction permit. We have very systematized the whole construction process to optimize the time to the maximum. We endorse a lot of dreams fulfilled.



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