Reasons why not choose a manufactured home and opt for a MINKA House custom design

A home is a space where yours and you will develop your family life and, sometimes, even professional. Therefore, it should be a comfortable, pleasant space, with a style that reveals your tastes and capable of satisfying all your needs for space, accessibility, structure or design. All this makes it difficult for us to decide on the ideal house and, at times, we give as valid economic aspects over our authentic needs and our tastes.

What you need to know is that you can currently get the house of your dreams for much less than you imagine and, of course, with a unique and exclusive design that will make it adapt wonderfully to your demands and make your life much more comfortable and happy. We are talking about the innovative concept of MINKA Houses , designed to achieve the perfect balance in your home thanks to its modern design and customized for each owner. With very competitive budgets and without frights, above all, taking into account the high level of quality of these homes. And all this in a time of execution and delivery agreed with the client not exceeding 6 months. They are, therefore, high-end housing at more than competitive prices.


Why you should NOT buy a traditional prefabricated house?


It is clear that custom design is something really important in the choice of your home. Think, for a moment, that you have the bathroom and the kitchen in exactly the same place and with the same distribution as thousands of people around the world, the room differs very little from many others and your house, in short, is one more , common and current. This is the case of prefabricated houses, uninspiring. It is clear that the custom design will create a much more creative and original environment. A house that, from the entrance door, expresses the personality of its inhabitants, their tastes and their way of understanding life will be much more pleasant and special than one that is a clone of so many others.

Your aspirations of life, your dreams, your tastes and, ultimately, your style should be evident on the walls and walls of your home. They will offer both your guests and yourself your own essence. An original house with its own style will offer its inhabitants more satisfied, happy and fulfilled lives.

The MINKA Houses, designed by the professional team of Jeev Arquitecture , is conceptualized to create an own space according to the tastes and imagination of the client. After all, he will be the one who lives in it and enjoys it.


Choosing the design of your home will mean choosing an organization of spaces in tune with your needs.


As we already know, a prefabricated house does not allow to have an exclusive design, since, in case of wanting to include some minimum difference with respect to the standard that you acquire, it will increase its price significantly. This is due to the fact that prefabricated houses do not have to work on a specific design, although those that are cheaper are also much simpler.

For this reason, creating a house to your liking, in addition to printing personality, is also essential to build a home to suit you, with distributions adapted to the number of members that your family has, to your needs and, ultimately, to do more easy and accessible life. In this way, choosing the design of your home will not only mean choosing your own style, but also an organization of spaces that will be in tune with your needs. If you plan to have children, you can include more rooms or increase the size of the garden; and, if you choose not to have them, you can sacrifice a greater number of rooms in favor of creating wider spaces for you. Thus, deciding the entire distribution of the house is a great opportunity to organize the rooms as you like, give priority to some rooms more than others or choose whether to have a terrace, roof terrace or both or to decide the size of the garage, of the bathrooms…



In Minka Houses you can have a closed price with the architecture studio from the beginning


The cost is not so economical

The prefabricated houses are sold like a real bargain, but this is not exactly like that. These homes can start in the market of a closed price and previously fixed, but there are multiple variables that, usually, increase this amount, the most usual that the owner wants to include some unique element or change the distribution of any room due to find it more useful. The cost will rise substantially.

On the contrary, in an exclusive design house Minka Houses you can have a closed price with the architecture studio from the beginning , without there being alterations or deviations of budget items. And in no case this will be increased throughout its construction process. In addition, there are innovative options that allow you to build your home with high quality finishes and materials, a distribution and a totally personalized and modern style and at a more than affordable price.

Unique design homes that respect the environment

The MINKA houses are comparable to the prefabricated ones regarding of the short construction time and the price absolutely closed and without surprises, but they have no competition in terms of design. The MINKA are unique for each client, they are designed to measure, enjoy great structural lights and special geometric shapes, as well as luxury finishes. They are respectful with the environment since they use sustainable materials for construction, especially their structure of solid wood contralaminated, and are highly efficient, with the consequent energy savings. Do not hesitate, we will build the house of your dreams .


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Reasons why not choose a manufactured home and opt for a MINKA House custom design
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